13 April 2010

A Little Game of Cat and Maus

In Chapter 4 of Maus A Survivor's Tale Artie learns a lesson on friendship, thanks to his fathers sarcastic remarks. He was roller skating with his friends when his skate broke and they left him behind. As he returned home crying his father told him, if you want to see true friends, lock them in a room for a week and see what they do for food. In Chapter 5 Artie is awoken by a call from Mala due to his fathers stubborn, hard headed ways on repairing daily things. He refuses to take into consideration his fathers needs only to brush them off and concentrate on his own. Becoming frustrated with his father and his fathers needs to "fix" things. Upon returning to his fathers home in upstate New York, a week later, he comes to find a distrought and upset dad, at in fact his sons actions and previous writtings from a comic "The Prisoner on Planet Hell", the comic Artie wrote on his mothers actions of suicide. As the strip progressed, Artie happens to learn some information on his father that he was unaware of. Vladek, Arties Father, was a survivor of the Natzi invasion. Vladek was in fact forced to live in the ghetto, and survive on literally nothing. Vladek also informed Artie of a previous son, that he had to send off to one of his friends for safe keeping, hoping to give his son a chance at life, only to later find out that his son was dead.
I enjoyed this comic. I really liked the metaphor used with using mice as the jews and cats as the Nazi's. I think that this made me pay more attention and listen to the story better. Kind of like in McCloud's book Understanding Comics when he askes the reader if they would listen to him if his drawing looked realistic as compared to his comic simpler version. The way they used the animals made the story more creative and fun to read. Overall this was a good comic and is a great example of another interesting far fetched type of comic.

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