13 April 2010

A Little Less for Kids And More for Parents

Hoghath Hughes is the main character in the movie “Iron Giant”, next to the actual giant. Hogarth is a curious boy that is constantly looking for something to keep entertained. Walking in to the restaurant with a shoe box where his mother works, Hogarth tries and tries to get the approval to keep the pet he’s got hidden inside. He convinces his mother to at least look at the animal but when he opens the box Hogarth realizes the animal is gone. Running lose in the restaurant Hogarth searches frantically, realizing the squirrel has made its way up Dean McCoppen’s pant leg. From the beginning Hogarth tends to be everywhere he’s not supposed to be. Shortly after the restaurant incident Hogarth finds himself home alone watching scary movies. When the cable goes out he ventures out on to the roof to fix the problem and realizes that the antennas are missing and that there is a huge trail of smashed trees leading through the woods. Brave little Hogarth decides to find out what’s going on. When he gets to the end of the trail, which is at an electrical plant, he sees a huge metal robot caught in the electrical wires. He shuts the power off and the robot falls to the ground. In a rush to tell his mom what happened meets up with her and rambles on and on about the 100 foot metal robot. Thinking it is all in hi s head she persists that they go back home. The following day he goes back to where he saw the robot and takes a piece of tin and his camera. He waits for the giant and after awhile he falls asleep. Finally he meets the metal giant and teaches him how to talk. The first word the robot learns is “rock”. Hogarth and the robot become friends and do things most would never dream of doing. When Hogarth learns that people are out to get this “Iron Giant” he decides that he must find somewhere to hide his friend. The robot only eats metal and is hungry so when they see Dean, the owner of the junk yard, Hogarth knows exactly where the robot should hide. After having a hard time convincing Dean to let the robot stays he is successful. Days pass and Hogarth, Dean, and the Iron Giant have fun swimming, playing in the junk yard, and making art. The fun is continued until the day that Kent Mansley had everyone , including the military, looking for this huge robot. Hogarth and Dean hid the robot so the military decides to leave but as they are on their way out of town they see the robot and proceed to attach. As shots are being fired at the robot he turn evil and is out to get them. Having no way of stopping the Iron Giant, the military give the ok to fire the bomb, which will kill the whole town. Hogarth is finally able to talk to his friend, the robot, and calm him down. He explains what is going to happen and even though the robot knows that everyone was trying to kill him, he chooses to fly into the sky and stop the bomb, which kills him. In the end the robot turns out to be alive somewhere in the world.
I think this was a great movie and even though it seems to be just for little kids I think it is one movie that can reach adults. It has a lot of meaning and relates to comics in several ways. It is a cartoon, like comic books, in the movie comic books are used to help tell the story of good and evil. Although comics have several bad villains, not all comics are like that and this movie proves this. By allowing the viewer to see how the Iron Giant choose to do the good thing instead of the bad shows that comics played a big role. He chose to be like Superman and help rather than be like the evil robot in the comic book. This was a great movie and I would watch it again if I got the chance.

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