05 April 2010

Live with It...

Our Cancer Year by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Barbnar is an autobiographical comic. The pictures having a flair of their own loking almost messy and not quite done and the text sloppy but put together the comic fit together complimenting each other. The story itself explaining how, Harvey Pekar had found out how he had cancer. Going in for a surgery that the two had thought would be simple but ended up in the discovery of Pekar having had a huge tumor inside of him. With a doctor who barely spends any time with the couple to explain what kind of cancer or even to answer their questions. Pekar gets advice from a nurse who has had cancer but this little knowledge doesn’t help him instead he worries about his wife Joyce Barbnar who would be all alone if he were to die. Barbnar worried about him and his treatment seeking advice from friends and hotlines. Both, Pekar and Barbnar, struggle to get use to living with Pekar’s cancer. Its ends with Barbnar and a carpenter named Stephanie hugging, Barbnar comforting Stephanie because she is scared that she too may have cancer.
I found this reading different because not only was the art weird but the story itself was confusing. The first half is sad and almost depressing but near the end there are a couple of twists. I like that it wasn't what I was expecting it gave the impression that it would be kinda depressing but there were a few jokes. This made it different and unique.

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