05 April 2010

Look on the Bright Side

In the comic, “Our Cancer Year”, several events take place right away. Joyce’s wandering brother, Tod, shows up on her doorstep. Joyce’s husband, Harvey, has to have surgery the following morning for a suspected hernia. During the surgery, the doctor comes out and reveals that he found a large tumor and Harvey needs to be checked for cancer. Harvey has to get a CAT scan to see if the cancer has spread. Harvey seems to be in denial after he gets the bad news. He is more worried about his wife rather than himself and he wants to get a lawyer so that way he can leave everything to Joyce. Ten days later the CAT scan results come in and Harvey receives good news, the cancer hasn’t spread. Harvey and Joyce are in the process of moving and Harvey becomes frustrated because he isn’t able to lift the cinder blocks due to his surgery. Everything ends when Joyce goes to the new house and talks to the carpenter. They talk about their ordeals and end up helping one another cope.

This is not the usual genre comics are viewed as. Normally, readers view comics as being funny or dealing with superheroes. In “Our Cancer Year”, a more serious and realistic issue is brought up. The comic discusses how a man and his wife cope with the husband being diagnosed with cancer. This is something that some families in everyday life have to deal with and are able to relate to Joyce and Harvey. The reactions from Joyce and Harvey are completely different. Harvey seems to give up and is already planning his will to make sure that Joyce gets everything. On the other hand Joyce is there for her husband and is trying to be as supportive as possible.

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