12 April 2010

Maus is a comic book story that talks about Artie’s life as a child. Artie was out skateboarding with some friends when he suddenly fell and they all left him laughing. Artie was very hurt and soon he was confronted by his father on why he was crying. Artie’s father brought forth to him that they aren’t his real friends since they laugh at him and left him. Later on in chapter 5 Artie was awaken by a phone call by Mala saying that Artie’s Dad is trying to get back on the roof even though he became dizzy the first time. Artie becomes upset because he has to go help his father with the roof, so he calls and gives him an excuse. It seems like Artie’s father is upset because he always counted on his son’s help when he was younger now it seems like Artie doesn’t even care anymore which Artie explains to his wife in the beginning of chapter 5, but it Artie’s father is upset really by the comic strip Artie drew up years ago that he didn’t tell him about. When Artie was 20years of age his mother killed herself by slicing her wrist and downing a bottle of pills. Artie felt guilty for not going home right away when he got out of the mental hospital. Artie’s father thought that the comic book was good. It also seems that Artie’s dad new girlfriend is very jealous of the dad’s memories of his ex-wife. Artie and his father walked to the bank and the father began to tell his son about the tragic events he witnessed in Auschwitz which was the worst and most gruesome concentration camps during the holocaust. The story was very interesting because most of the events that were explained I went over in English class my 10 grade year.


  1. You really think its interesting??? Me personally i get tired of hearing about the Holocaust the Jews have strive very well since then. Funny how people see things different

  2. Do you prefer the way your studied it in high school or in comic format? Come on, man, delve a little deeper!