12 April 2010


Maus is a comic that starts off with a story of arties childhood. He goes to skate with some buddys but falls and gets messed up and his friends leave him! While laughing and making fun of him. His father asks him to help him and then sees that artie is crying and asks what happened. And then he tells him. Ring ring the phone rings and artie picks it up its mala, who is telling him that his father is fixing everything and he is too old to do that so he thought it would be great for his son to help drain a pipe. Artie doesn’t want to go and tells him to call a repairman. Then Artie goes to visit his dad and asks him what hes doing and his dad remarks sarcastically with jobs I can do easily myself. Artie thinks that he did something wrong and asks mala. But mala says it probably that he read an comic and it makes him think hes the reason his wife committed suicide. Artie talks to his dad and figures out what happened and that he read it and cried and that he wanted to get it out of his system. Then they walk to the bank and Artie and his dad talk about WWII and how bad and disgusting it was and also about Arties mom as well as all the memories and bad things that happened.

This story is kind of sad I know if my mom died like that id be broken, its just so real and dishearting what happened in WWII.

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