11 April 2010

Maus...An Underdog Story...All hail Hitler!!!!

During one summer, Artie and his friends, on their way back from school race to the schoolyard in their skates. Artie fells down and cries when his friends don't wait for him.Several years later, Artie gets a call from his mom saying that his dad was on the roof fixing up the drain pipe where he got dizzy and came down.So, his dad asks him to come to their house at 7.30 in the morning.But Artie decides not to go as him and father don't get along. About a week later, Artie goes to visit his dad in his house. There he finds his dad a little upset. When he goes to his mom and talks about dad, he finds out that his father read a comic strip named "Prisoner on the Hell Planet"written by Artie.
In this story,the main character named Arthur has a mental illness.His father on his way home from work, finds his mother dead in the tub with slashed wrists and an empty bottle of pills. The doctor teels Artie that his mother was found dead, Arthur cries with grief calling out his mom.During the funeral, Arthur cannot stand his father's grief and runs away from the funeral. The family blames Arthur for his mother's death.Artie feels sick and alone with guilt.Artie recalls the last time he saw his mother, and from his cell congratulates her for leaving him alone to face the world.
The story shifts back to Artie who is currently at his father's place,Mala tells Artie that this comic strip was very reallistic,accurate,personal and was very detailed.His dad walks in and tells Artie that comic strip took him back to his past. The Arthur character in the comic actually was Artie, his mom had indeed died. So Artie and his dad on their walk to the bank talk about their life as Jews. In 1943, Artie's dad had to leave Sosnowiec and move to Srodula,and talks about their difficult life in Germany.He says that as jews they had to pay to move them to their houses and some people didn't even get a house to live in. They were taken to work in germany, Anja (Arthur's Mother), her sister, and Tosha all worked in the factory.Everyday the guard marched them to work and when on their way back they would be counted and locked back again. Also, they had to move from place to place due to German brutality which included smashing kids into walls. But once again, in the process Artie's father have to move from one city to another. However, Artie's father had arranged a safe hiding place to save his family from the German soldiers and even dogs, in cases where they were looking for Jewish people. All the time, they were hiding from the German soldiers, they would only get out for food. Until, one day a never before seen Jewish guy shows up at their hiding place asking for help but he turns out to be a informer and they all get caught. Artie's father when caught uses his resources to flee from the captivity. However, he is not able to help his in-law to flee. Artie's father after his escape worked few jobs here and there under the German commission. At the meantime, Artie's father gets a seizure attack due to fast walking but it only takes him a couple of breaths to recover from it.
Once again, the German soldier's were moving the Jews from where Artie's family were to a different place where they were to be killed. However, Artie's father's friend (Miloch) had made a tunnel out of shoes as a hiding place inside the shoe factory. Artie's mom was hysterical when her family member refused to hide. They had a hard time surviving in the hiding place as whatever the food they had soon ran out and they could not got out to fetch some more because of the German guards. After struggling to survive for few days, the German guards left the city so the survivors were able to go back to work again. So, all the people go their separate ways to find a safer place to live.
Artie's father takes him to the bank and assigns him a key to his safe box, so that he can use that money to protect himself in case anything happens again. Artie's father explains to him that he regrets getting married again to Mala who is only in it for his money.
This comic is was one of best ones I have read so far in this class. Although it isn't much about Superheroes and Villains. This is outside the box, not anybody can come up with such masterpieces. Although the art is still developing, it is the story that counts, the struggle, the fight, and the story of survival. The Germans really were pigs under Hitler. Just the idea of putting Jews as mice and representing Germans as normal human beings was fantastic.

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