12 April 2010

Morals Conquer All !

Hogarth, a young boy playing in the woods and sees a giant robot drop out the sky. First he's a little shock and frightened and he takes some photos. when he goes home he tries to tell his mom about what he saw, but she doesn't believe him. So the next day he goes and finds the giant and ends up befriending him because the giant understands him. He spends a whole day trying to explain things to the iron giant. Then when it's time for him to god home the giant follows him home and he says, "no! stay don't follow me." But the giant does anyway, he ends up causing a train wreck and someone sees him. Theirs already a man from the army looking for him, so this throws him onto his trail. The man from the army thinks Hogarth knows something the iron giant, so he moves into the spare room of him and his mothers house. Hogarth finds a place for the giant to stay, the scrap metal junk yard. at first the owner is against it, but then he eventually comes around. the army guy begins following Hogarth everywhere, then he finds his camera with a picture of the giant in it. That's all the evidence he needs to get his commander to get a team of the army out there to try and destroy it. So the next day the army gets there and goes to the junk yard, but they had made the iron robot look like a scrap statue, so the commander thought it was all just a hoax. As the army was leaving they saw the giant in a town so they turn around and tried to destroy it. He only acts defensively so he became very angry and started attacking the army back. Hogarth was able to calm him down, but by this time there was already a mussel aiming for the town. So the giant had to decide to either let everyone and the town die or sacrifice himself like a true hero. He then tells Hogarth, "no! stay don't follow me." Then he flew up and crashed into the mussel and the town saved.
If Hogarth had never taught the giant morals then the town would have never been saved. They would have already been destroyed by the giant. Hogarth taught him how to be like an ideal superhero, Superman. How to be good, and save people in need of help and save the day. the Iron Giant learned just because he was made to be a gun doesn't mean he has to be, he can choose what he wants to be, and at the end he chose to be good and save the town. He could have chose to use his guns for bad the the Metal Menace. He began to develop feelings, a heart, a soul when he saw what guns did to the deer, he was very sad.

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