05 April 2010

More to Comics then Superheroes

Our Cancer Year is a comic, a story, a meaningful one at that, written by Joyce Brabner and Harvey Pekar. The comic starts off with a couple that are planning on moving to a new home, during their move they run into a problem. Harvey, the husband had some medical issues causing some concern about cancer. After tests were done a nurse told Joyce, Harvey’s wife, that her husband had cancer, just not in so many words. Further testing would be done but in the mean time this family was faced with dealing with cancer. Not sure how to handle the situation Joyce stressed and looked for answers for all her rising questions. Harvey on the other hand dealt with the situation a little differently; he grew angry, weary, and never talked about what was going on in his head. Joyce talked to friends, consultants, and one lady who put her to ease. The comic was well written and easy to read. Following this comic was not difficult at all, it was written in sequence which allowed the reader to know what was going on at every point. Although the art in the panels was not the greatest, it showed true feeling, and was more meaningful then those comic books with perfect art.
I felt this comic had true meaning, not one about superheroes, or bad guys. It was something that many people deal with on an everyday basis. For many this comic may have helped if they were in the same situation. You never really know what might cross a person’s mind until you read something like this. I really like this comic, it reached me at a more personal level rather than only superhero comics. The art was truly appealing, especially because of the story that went along with it. Not one person that I know of could say this comic had no impact on them.

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  1. Other than a few grammar issues, this is a good post!