09 April 2010

The Movie: Unbreakable

I was expecting this movie, Unbreakable, to be full of action scenes and interesting characters. I found out that it was more about David Dunn's journey into becoming a superhero, rather than about him being one. This movie start off by introducing the two main characters. First we see David on a train where he has brief conversation with this woman and then the train derails. The other main character is introduced as a young boy who has a condition that causes his bones to break easily and is afraid of the world outside of his house. So to get him out of the house his mother buys him comic book issues, and coaxes him out of the house to go get them. Because of his condition the kids call him Mr.Glass. Well as Mr.Glass grows up he becomes obsessed with finding someone who is "on the opposite side of the spectrum" from him, someone who is unbreakable. The train crash is aired on the television. Almost everyone involved in the train crash is dead, everyone but David Dunn. This is where Mr.Glass and David meet and Mr.Glass begins bombarding David with questions about his health such as "when was the last time you were sick?" and so on. This is when David himself begins to question his spectacular health. He ends up asking his son, his wife, and even his boss to recall days when he was injured, or sick but nobody can. David and his son go to Mr.Glass's comic book shop to visit him where his son remembers a car accident that David had been in. Apparently he was so severely injured that he couldn't play football anymore. We find out latter in the story that his wife disapproved of football and did not want to stay with David had he gone on to play football. So when given the chance he faked and injury to save his relationship. They re relation ship is definitely rocky, as illustrated by one of the very first scenes where David hides his wedding ring from a woman he just meet but they do end up making things better towards the end. David is called to his sons school where he speaks with the principle. It ends up that she has also taught David and that he almost drown in the school pool. This is where we find out that he has a weakness, watter. Then with the help of Mr.Glass David learns that his instincts are miraculous and that he can learn the crimes that people have done by bumping into them. Using these new found skills he ends up saving a family who was being held hostage in their home. seeing as David and Mr.Glass are friends David shows up at a big comic book sale of his and they shake hands. This is where the twist in the story is. After shaking hands with Mr.Glass David can see all the bad things he has done. Mr.Glass had been so obsessed with finding someone "unbreakable" that he did so by killing mass amounts of people to weed out the ones who weren't. This is where we realize that Mr.Glass is the villain. I think this was a good ending. I enjoyed the second part of the movie much more than the first because the ending had a twist and it had more action. I think The first part of the movie was rather slow and the plot took a while to come together. Over all i think this movie was good and i would love to see it again.


  1. nice summary i liked it too only if there was a sequel!!!!!

  2. I do, too, Maxx; I do, too...

    Good post, Ali. Just proofread!