11 April 2010

Mr. Die Hard...Mr. 6th sense and Mr. Unbreakable..BRUCE WILLIS..Guess what the black guy is a Villain again..

David is a guy working as a security guard in a stadium. He is currently living with his wife and one son. On his way from New York, David (Bruce Willis) is in a train with a woman heading to Philadelphia who thinks David is hitting on her. The train with David derails, and David wakes up in Philadelphia City Hospital feeling surprisingly normal. It so happens that he is the only survivor of the train. David goes to the memorial held fro all other passengers who dies in the accident and in his windshield finds an envelope that says, "How many days have been sick?" David is unable to remember any day that he has been sick.

The story shifts to West Philadelphia (1974) , a black kid with a broken arm who is teased as Mr. Glass in school. He gets a comic book as gift from his mother every time he goes out to play. Elijah (Played by Samuel El Jackson) later becomes a famous comic pioneer and owns an art gallery named Limited Edition.

The address inside David's envelop leads him to Elijah in the store. Elijah preaches about comics to David and tells him that David is sent to protect man-kind from all the brutality and evil. However, David does not believe Elijah (now referred to as Eli) and leaves the store. Later, Eli comes to meet David in his work and questions his profession as, "Why he chose to become a security personnel?" David suspects a guy being drunk and carrying a weapon. When David decides to check people coming into the stadium the man decides to run, Eli follows the guy and finds out that guy indeed had a gun. Later, when working out with his son, David is able to lift an enormous amount of weight. His son thinks that he is a super-human too and tries to perform a deadly maneuver in his school which almost leads him to death. Joseph (David's son) tries to shoot David just to prove that Elijah was right about him being a super-hero.

David decides to check his powers and see if Elijah was right. He goes to New York train station. There he discovers that his power enables him to see what bad things people have done just by touching them. He accidentally gets shoved into a Janitor with an orange suit. In his vision, he sees the Janitor forcefully getting into a house and killing the house owner. So, he follows the janitor to the house and sees the dead body of the house owner whom he had seen in his vision. He finds two kids tied up against the wall so he unties them. Then, he goes to a different room and finds an unconscious woman tied up against the heater. The Janitor sees David and pushes him off the balcony, unfortunately he lands up in the pool. After struggling to get out of water, he gets help from the kids and gets him out of the pool. He goes back and chokes the Janitor to death.

Next morning, the newspaper holds a story of a man rescuing a family from a deadly situation. David shows that to his son and Joseph gets really happy. Later, David goes to see Eli in his exhibition. When David shakes hand with Eli, he finds out that Elijah had caused a fire in the hotel, bombed an airport, and caused the train to derail. Eli explains David that he was looking for a man David causing all these casualties. Eli gets caught by the police when David turns him in for all the casualties he had caused.

Mr. Shyamalan, another weird but interesting movie. Although I had to watch this movie for extra credit, it was worth it. It was better than any Chic-Flick. Whatever Elijah does in this movie makes all sense when David shakes hand with him. Just to find an exact opposite guy to him. Osteogenetic disorder allowed Elijah to have easily breakable bones which would make him prone to accidents and injuries, and on the other hand David who does not get injured at all. So, Mr. Glass is like an ultimate nemesis to Mr. Unbreakable. However, Mr. Glass knows Mr. Unbreakable's weak point i.e. water. So, it would be an interesting comic book to read. Just the action scenes between these two.

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  1. Good post, Kabir. I agree, it would have been a great story to continue developing, but no one liked it! So no money = no sequel :-(