11 April 2010

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

The movie “Iron Giant” was about young boy named Hogarth Hughes who befriended a giant “metal man” as they referred to him in the movie. Hogarth found the giant at an electrical field trying to eat the metal that was there, but the giant had got himself into some trouble when he got tangled up in the wires and started to get electrocuted. Hogarth came to the rescue as he shut the plant off and saved the giant. The next day Hogarth went to see the giant and brought him some food (metal). The giant had been eating people property within the town even a detective’s car. The giant became friends with Hogarth because he remembered that Hogarth saved him. Hogarth had to hide the giant because he felt the town was not ready to embrace the giant and there was a detective looking for the giant to destroy it. Eventually Hogarth found a place to stash the giant at a metal scrap yard that he way he would have a shelter and all the food he can eat. While at home Hogarth had to live with the detective who was trying to find Hogarth as he rented the extra room Hogarth’s mom had open. The detective was on to Hogarth knowing where the giant was as a picture revealed the giant behind Hogarth. The detective had called his general to inform him that the giant was real and present in the town but his chief did not believe him. But the chief did come to the town and after squeezing the information out of Hogarth they proceeded to the scrap yard to eliminate the giant. The giant was well hidden under metal scraps and the general had fired the detective because he felt he was led on a wild goose chase. The giant had been found to be real by the general when he saved two children falling from the building. The army then begin to unleash everything in their arsenal at the giant but everything was a waste and the giant was too powerful. Soon they called in a missile to strike the town to take out the giant but also everything and everybody else in the town. The giant then flew into space to stop the missile by sacrificing himself doing what he thought Superman would do.
I think the “Iron Giant” was a wonderful movie. I love animated movies and for this to send a message behind it was very nice to me. This movie was very good and it probably one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. I wish I had an Iron Giant because I would give the army a reason for wanting to destroy it because I would not use it for the better of man.

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