04 April 2010

Our Cancer Tears

Our Cancer Year starts out with Harvey and Joyce as a couple. Harvey decides to go to the doctor for an operation. Come to find out the doctor finds a tumor in Harvey. Stunned by the news Joyce and Harvey dont know how to act, but the doctor tells Harvey that his sense of humor will help him through this ordeal. As both sit in the hospital they ask questions trying to find out all they can about Harvey's cancer. In the days waiting for Harvey's CAT scan they both make calls to people on how to cope with cancer. Finally his CAT scan results come in and according to the doctor they are good and the cancer hasn't began to spread. While Harvey is on sick leave he helps Joyce move some stuff out of the apartment but as Joyce tries to tell him to stop lifting heavy objects after surgery, Harvey begins to throw stuff all over the apartment. This causes Joyce and the landlord to argue because she does'nt want them to inspect the apartment at the time because her and Harvey are arguing. As Joyce meets up with the carpenter, the they begin talking about cancer and how it runs through the carpenter's family. Joyce then finds out that the electrician's wife has just died of cancer but says to not tell Harvey to keep his moral up. In the end Joyce decides to accept the fact that cancer is a part of many people's lives, including her Harvey, and decides to help him relax with stuff he likes in the meantime.

This comic was a little different. It had a more real everyday life aspect to it becasue it talked about what can happen to a family at any time. It didn't have colorful superheroes or a humerous story to it. It was kind of random but any reader can see how cancer effects people's lives in every aspect.


  1. good summery, and yes indeed was differant than a superhero comic. you didint really put what you thought about it though...

  2. So do you think that this was an effective comic? Good post, but proofread!