05 April 2010

the shocking view of life

Harvey and Joyce are a very happily married couple. Who just got a new house. And while at there new house Harvey was experiencing some pain and discomfort so he went to the doctor and they decided to have an exploratory surgery and when they did they found a tumor in his Lymph nods called lymphoma so the doctor pulls it out. Then after Harvey and wife figure out what the doctor found they freak out they have no idea what to do. But then she figures out that she needs to help Harvey feel better so she and some others try and give Harvey some comfort. Then after a while they talk and try to think what there going to as well as with there future. So the set up an appointment with a specialist and run CAT scan and found out the cancer was isolated in only one lymph node and hasn’t spread. After words they couple went back home and sprang into an argument. Soon things were getting messed up. And the landlord came by and he wasn’t aloud in. a few days later Joyce was talking to their electrician and found out that his wife died of cancer. And the causes and how pollution affects everyone then Joyce decides to make changes and live healthier.

The story was cool it’s a different perspective I have never known anyone personally that has cancer so I cant even fathom what it would be like to find out you or someone you love has it. it can just show you how things change so quick and not every day is guaranteed.


  1. I liked your summary and I agree with your statement on not every day being a guaranteed, excellent work. My only issue is everyone keeps saying that Joyce in the end decides to change the way they are living to get toxins out of their lives but that’s not what she said in the story. She is talking about canceling an asbestos removal to save money to buy hormone-ridden red meat and getting her husband to smoke. Asbestos was a fire proof insulator that causes lung cancer. Hormones given to cattle to make them grow larger are dangerous enough for the European Union to ban all meat from hormone injected cattle and ban the practice of hormone injecting in their own nation. Smoking please tell me your being sarcastic to when you say getting someone to smoke to benefit their health is “make(ing) changes to live healthier.” In the story Joyce is being sarcastic please tell me all of you are to.

  2. PROOFREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arg! This would be a good post, if you'd just reread what you'd written!

    And thanks for clarifying, Roxanne ;-)