12 April 2010

Spiegelman Splats

In the reading Maus: A survivor’s tale by Art Spiegelman is was about the Art’s father explaining his story about how the Jews were treated during the Holocaust. Vladek was a prisoner from the Holocaust and Artie is trying to understand his father. Vladek came across a comic strip that Artie made when he was a little younger and it was about his father whose mother committed suicide and left him all alone. The sense of abandonment was difficult for him to understand and continue his life. He has suffered alone because he was in the State Mental Hospital for 3 years and then was out with his girlfriend, but came home late. Artie’s father was taken the news horribly because the death of his wife was such a hard thing to take in. The Jews were worked every day for long hours without breaks and food because they were never the time of day. During Vladek’s stay the Jews were forced to were yellow stars on their person and present identification numbers to show who they were. Vladek experienced the worst of his kind and before they were caught, they were helped by two people and hide them upstairs in an attic behind a bookcase.

The story was very interesting to me because it kind of a personal effect and brought back how horrible the world. Jews suffered a lot and the world coming to terms with the racism happening in everyday life and still continues. I thought that people treated everyone equally without any differences due to who they were. The Holocaust was a horrible event that took place in the world, but should not continue based on what has happened. However, the world continues to show no remorse for tragic events, but will always one side more than the other. People should learn from their mistakes, but continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. I think that people would snap out of their little fantasy and realize that what people have done to us is no better than what we have done to them in order to maintain a higher stance. I feel that if the world does not change or manage to take that chance, the world that we know is going to end by all things: humans.


  1. This comic really did get me thinking about humanity and just how jacked up we can really be. It’s difficult to swallow. But in the interest of not going all doom and gloom I choose to hope that realizing how evil we can be will help us by keeping us on guard ageist our own evil nature and the evil natures of other especially those in authority. After all Hitler didn’t represent every German but because no one could challenge him nor could they in that country. Hopefully since we are given the right to challenge authorities we will when they start promoting prejudice. I know, I know, how idealistic of me.

  2. Great post, Rayna, and great comment, Roxanne!

    Haven't you read this before, Rayna? Couldn't you have, I dunno, input some of that knowledge into your post? Don't sell yourself short!

  3. I agree with Roxanne I read a book about the holocaust i cant remember the title at the moment but this story Maus comes very close to what the book read about this tragic time in histroy.