12 April 2010

Unbreakable modern superhero movie with an old school

In the beginning of Unbreakable the young Elijah was born. During childbirth Elijah broke his arms and legs due to a disorder that hinders him from making a protein vital to keeping bones strong. In the next scene David Dunn is riding a train and sees a beautiful sports manager whom is looking for a seat. While she spots his seat he slides off his wedding ring. David than starts flirting with the sports manager and she tells him that she is married and move to a different seat. Soon after she leaves a scratching sounds comes off the train and the screen turns black. Than an image of a doctor working on a patient comes into focus and the voice of the doctor along with the background noise starts is heard. The doctor tells David that he is soon to be the lone survivor of the train accident. David came out of the accident without a scratch. After going to the funeral of all the victims from the crash David finds a letter. A while later David and his son Joseph goes to the art dealers store. In the store Elijah brings up question of David’s childhood wondering if his suspicions of the possibility that someone might have the exact opposite of his disorder. One who might be almost indestructible. As it goes when Elijah was a child he was afraid of leaving his home because it was easy for his bones to break. His mother eventually got him out by giving him comic book with one catch. Elijah had to go outside to get these comic books. While asking if David ever remembered being sick or getting hurt David tells Joseph to go throw some trash away. After Joseph leaves David tells Elijah that he knows it’s a scam and that and that he got hurt in college which made him unable to play football. Later in the movie David is working and a man runs into him. David instantly sees a vision of the man pulling drugs out of the trashcan in the men’s room. Not too long after David searching the man the dispatcher calls in and tells David that his sons sick. While at the nurses station at the school the nurse tells David the story of how he nearly drowned. That night Joseph pulls out a gun and wants to shoot David and prove Elijah’s theory. David than tells Elijah that he doesn’t want him around his family and that they should cease contact. After thinking about it Elijah discovers that water is David’s kryptonite. He tells him what he should do next and then he follows Elijah’s advice. David does so and rescues a couple of sisters whose parents were killed. The next day David goes to visit Elijah and discuss the events that unfolded. After discussing the event Elijah congratulates divide with a handshake. During the handshake David receives a vision of Elijah at three different accidents. It turns out that the accidents were not accidents Elijah set up all the attacks. Elijah confesses to him and tells him that they were opposites and that it was only natural that they become each others nemesis. Before the credits text comes out stating that David turned Elijah in to the police.
Unbreakable was a great comic book movie. This story will shock you with the surprise ending. Throughout the entire movie, although there are several hints referring to Elijah being the bad guy, you would never guess that Elijah would be the bad guy. Which makes sense because a lot of villains are friends with the superhero bringing an interesting storyline.

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