09 April 2010

Unbreakable vs. Mr. Glass (who by the way is a sneaky son of a bitch!!!)

Let me just start off by saying this movie was legit!!! Unbreakable starts off with guy named David Dunn, he’s riding a train and a lady around his age comes and sits by him. He takes off his wedding ring so right from the start its easy to tell he’s got marriage problems. She ended up being married to so she shut him down. The train crashes and everyone dies except for David, he didn’t even come out with a scratch. After that a guy named Elijah, becomes really interested in David. Elijah is lactose intolerant which means his bones are really weak and can beak fairly easy. As a kid his nickname was Mr. Glass, the other kids would tease about that because he would always have a broken bone. Elijah’s mother would buy him comics and wrap them up and put them outside on the bench just to get him to go outside because he was so intimidated and scared to go outside. So as Elijah got older he was on a search to find someone opposite of him, someone who doesn’t get sick or doesn’t break any bones, someone who is unbreakable. After the train wreck and everyone dies but David, Elijah start talking to David and asking him all kinds of random questions like when was the last time you were sick? Have you ever been hurt before, things like that. David cant remember when the last time it was when he was sick, so he asks his wife and she cant remember either. David took his son Joseph with him when he met up with Elijah, and Joseph said that his dad was injured once in a car accident that ended David’s football career. However later on in the movie we find out it’s a lie that David faked the injury because his wife thought football was nothing but violence and she didn’t want that in her life so David was going to have to choose football or his wife? Well Elijah made a good point and knew why David faked his injury. Football is for about ten years but love, love is forever. Yeah David and his wife, Audrey were not having the best marriage but every relationship has its ups and downs. However towards the end of the movie they do get things straight and make things better. David is a security guard at the university in his town, of course he still wants to be around the game of football. He never would have realized that he had the skill and instinct to know the crimes people did just by bumping into people or just touching someone else if it wasn’t for Elijah. Although David was unbreakable he did have a kryptonite and that was water. As a kid he almost drowned in the swimming pool at his school. David does save a family that’s tied up in their own house. A guy broke into their house killed the dad and tied up the daughter and wife. David saves them and is in the paper the next day but the picture of him is not to visible so you cant see him very well. At the end of the movie Elijah is having like a comic sale and David shows up to talk to him because at this point they are friends. They go back to Elijah’s office and talk for a few. After there talk Elijah say’s “I think this is where we shake hands”, so they do and David see’s all the bad things that Mr. Glass has done, he set a building on fire and killed a lot of people and he also caused the train David was on to crash. Mr. Glass said he did it to find the person he was looking for, and that person was David. I just got to say Elijah is a sneaky son of a bitch, he was behind it all. I really didn’t see that coming either so that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed this movie so much, usually movies like that are predictable. All I got to say is the hell with Mr. Glass I wish David would have killed his ass right there on the spot but that didn’t happen but the movie was really good and interesting, one question I did have though that I didn’t get in the movie was when David was working he got the vision of that one guy in a blue jacket put drugs in his pants and when David searched him he didn’t find anything, did that mean his visions were always right, because if that’s the case then we don’t know what’s true and what’s not. So that part kind of confused me but other then that I understood the rest and it was a really enjoyable movie!!!!

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  1. I like to think that in that scene, David was seeing something the dealer had done a previous time. Or, maybe he was seeing what the dealer was going to do!

    I'm glad you liked you, but your post could stand to have been proofread a bit more :-/