11 April 2010


Unbreakable is a movie stared by Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. The plot is a man who is unbreakable like superman (Bruce Willis). He is a real life Superhero that just doesn’t know it. Willis is in a series of disasters and is never harmed. Always untouched, and he has never been sick before. This man notices this Samuel L. Jackson and pursues him to tell him that he thinks he could possibly be a like a superhero out of a comic. Jackson has a long history of not being like a normal person when he was a baby he had a disease that made his bones very weak. And as a child he was called Mr. Glass because he would break his bones like glass. So this is why he takes so much of an interest in Willis as he believes that since he is so weak that there has to be some one else like him just at the opposite end. So Jackson starts contacting Willis and asks him all these questions trying to get him to understand what he is. but Willis wants nothing to do with it and ignores it. Then one day out of nowhere willis figures out that he is. and goes to find out for sure. He went to a place with a lot of people and touched them so he could see if they were bad. The person he touched was a murder and took over someones house. So he followed him. And found out what he saw was true and killed the man and saved his children. Then he went to tell Jackson that he was right. And that’s when the twist happens. He shakes his hand and figures out that Jackson was a terriost that was doing all of these things to try and find a superman and he did. But he did so by killing thousands of people.

I really liked this movie it was a crazy ending I had no idea that Mr. Glass would end up doing that I thought he would end up being a kind of sidekick or something like that. I wish their was a sequel.

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