12 April 2010


The movie Unbreakable was a good movie it was alil diffrent plot n twist because u have one person who beleavs so much in comic book heros and theroy's he actuly beleaves so much that he creates large tragedys around the world such as train crashes mud slides and airplain crashes. all of these catastrophy are planned to findone man this man is soposed to be the oppasite of another man which his name is mr glass he has a bone defincy wich allows his bones to break easily. so the oppositperson to hm would b the equivalent to a super hero in this case so the man he finds actuly kinda knws he is diffrent but is ignoreing the facts and sighns given to him such as he never gets sick or hurt or the fact that he can forsee things pictures or even images that has happend. so mr glass find him and trys to explain what his theroy is but at the cost of 2 to 300 incent people.

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