12 April 2010

Unbreaking Unbreakable

Unbreakable was a very interesting movie in which we watched in class Wednesday afternoon was a mind blowing movie. The movie dealt with comics while a concentration good versus evil in different formats. A man by the name of David is involved in train wreck in which he was the only survivor. He is left unharmed; no broken bones or a scratch. He is a security guard at a local University and does not seem to enjoy is life. However, there is another guy who is the complete opposite of David. His name is Elijah, and was born with both his legs and arms broken. However, he was to be a very fragile person who children called Mr. Glass. He was so fragile that a little kick or flick possibly could break one of his bones. Elijah owns a comic store in which he sells it to collectors who enjoy his work. However, David and Elijah meet one another and Elijah starts questioning David’s ability of what kind of person he is. But at the end of the movie, Elijah finds himself to be the evil person because he was the person who caused three major disasters to happen around their area. David and Elijah are opposite from each other and realize that Elijah’s place in the world was to balance the good in David.

I thought the movie was very good because it took on a new perspective on what good and evil represent in the movie. The movie held my attention that whole time because I was not expecting the ending to be that good and twisted. The motivation behind the movie was different because usually when a suspense movie is made you could already tell how the movie is going to end and which who ends being killed, bad guy, or who gets into trouble. However, with Unbreakable, that was the complete opposite. The evil is shown at the end of the movie and how he came to be bad. Many movies do not go back to explain the concept of good and evil. I enjoyed not knowing how the movie was going to end and how the suspense was built up until at the end it finally explained the challenges both parties were faced with.

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