06 April 2010

The Way LIfe Goes

In the comic, “Our Cancer Year”, allot of events unravel, Joyce’s wandering brother, Tod, shows up on her doorstep and stays at her house. Joyce’s husband thinks he has a hernia so isn’t able to lift boxes because there are moving to another house. Then something else happens to Harvey, the doctors find a tumor in Harvey that has lymphoma. The doctors believe it is cancerous. Harvey has to get a CAT scan to see if the cancer has spread. Harvey thinks his life is over and that he is not going to survive. He is more worried about his wife rather than himself so he decides to get a lawyer to help him with his will and to make sure that his wife Joyce is taken care of. Ten days later the CAT scan results come in and Harvey receives good news, the cancer hasn’t spread. But for some odd reason Harvey is still pissed off at the world and while he is moving bricks he starts throwing things. Harvey and Joyce are in the process of moving and Harvey becomes frustrated because he isn’t able to lift the cinder blocks due to his surgery. While Joyce is moving things to the other house she meets the carpenter who has gone throw what she was experiencing. Joyce talks to this carpenter and lets everything out. They talk about their problems and end up helping one another cope.
This comic strip was very different from the comics we have read because this is a real event that has happened to many people. Not people with just cancer but various diseases. This wife and husband are seen in a lot of homes in most cases the diagnosed tend to give on life and just go crazy spending money, getting drunk, or even killing themselves their own way. There are those people who may accept that they are going to die like Harvey but take the right steps and look out for their family. Then there are those people who don’t accept and keep fighting by praying, looking for other methods of treatments, etc, but that is some cases. I like this comic because it’s not just about superheroes, crime fighting, or jokes but it is the comic that McCloud was talking about. The comics that grab other readers attention that don’t really like superheroes.

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  1. What's up with this list summary? Other than that, it's pretty good ;-?