28 June 2010

the 12 revolutions

McCloud’s enthusiasm for comic book making is apparent in, The Twelve Revolutions. He enlightens the readers on how he does his work and why he does his in keeping comics alive. He informs the readers of how important the roles that the 12 revolutions play in the making of comics. He explains the massive popularity that comic books had in the years 84’ to 94’, but he goes further to explain how the decline of that popularity died off leaving many comic retail store to close down. McCloud expresses that if creators used his 12 revolutions while writing their story lines, it come spark a comeback success within the comic book community.
I feel that McCloud has enough knowledge and experience to articulate his feelings towards other writers as well as enough excitement that can benefit the readers. I really enjoyed his artist creativity that he used within this chapter, especially him with a ripped mid-section and enormous biceps’. =0) LOL


  1. Tamra, you're missing a chapter! Otherwise, this post was on target. Do be sure to proofread your posts though ;-)

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