30 June 2010

big world

In reading Reinventing Comics, by Scott McCloud I came to understand why he argued that comics need diversity to stay alive. McCloud explains his opinion, and breaks down this diversity into twelve revolutions and in three of them there is a central theme. He further explains why we need this diversity only so that way comics can remain consistent.

I believe comics need as much diversity as the artists who create them. If you wish to attract a larger range of readers you need to create a variety of genres to reach out to a larger population. Comics are already so diverse because there are so many interpretations, but if you narrow it down to just one then the concept will just get too boring. I don’t think comics will get old not for me anyway. What I do think will be and advance for them would be to get more comics from other countries such as Canada, France, and Japan. Even though they don’t have a large variety they do have more independent reading material.

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  1. Nice post, champloo, but you're missing the other chapter I asked you read along with this one :-/