06 June 2010

Chapters 1&2

Wow, Scott McCloud, what a great book! (so far)
I love how he begins the chapter on the phone with a friend explaining he's next move and how the friend puts him down, " Aren't you kind of young to be doing that sort of thing?" I shows the typical reaction that everyone has when comics are brought up. He continues the chapter by explaining what a comics is, where it steamed from, how they are understood. At first I was a little uncertain of how this book was gonna make its point but by the 5 or 6 page I was hooked!! Its easy to read about a subject then put your thoughts together about what you just read but if there is any confusion at all, then the material becomes less effective. Through the use of comics you can read the material then use the pictures as a backup to fully understanding what is being read. I really enjoyed how McCloud threw in some examples from our historic past to further explain his understanding and passion for comics, which in turn gives the reader the same understand and passion for what is being read. (Wish we had comics in my history class, would make it a lot more interesting and fun to learn!!) In Chapter 2 McCloud explains how the Japanese provide excellent examples of the differences of different types of details and images that can be used in a comic. It never occurred to me that as a reader that the drawings were draw to complement the reader or better yet allows reader to personally identify with the content at hand. Also how some characters are draw so the read develops that edgy, non-personal connection which plays into the story's plot/theme.


  1. I'm glad you're into it, Tamra! And you make some great observations. But remember, a good summary hits the main points and doesn't include bias--that is, your opinions. That why I asked you all to "free think" after your summary. Also (and this goes for everyone reading this, as well), proofread, proofread, proofread :-)

  2. Yeah, it really does hook you in, and is very easy to read (I think his sense of humor helps too!) Just the way he used the medium so effectively is the greatest testament to his point!

  3. As I said in class, I think McCloud is hilarious! It's not just how he says things but the combination of his art (i.e. the titles on his comic books as a young boy "The REALLY OLD XMen" and "Generic Man"). He pulled me in and made me a believer in comics! LOL! You are right, he's easy to get into!

  4. I agree that Scott McCloud is very funny. I mostly enjoy chapter two even though its not too funny, but mostly because its philosophical.