06 June 2010

Comics in English!

“If we could find one, might give LIE to stereotypes and show that the POTENTIAL of comics is LIMITLESS and EXCITING!” –Scott McCloud

Reading the Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 in the book, “Understanding Comics, The Invisible Art,” really opened my eyes to what comics really are. Scott McCloud allowed people to see that from the beginning he never really agreed with what “Comics” really were. McCloud allowed us to see that he saw them as, “bad art work, stupid stories, and guys in tights.” Up until the 8th grade when a friend introduced him to a different collection of comics and within a year, McCloud was obsessed. By the time he reached the 10th grade, he was already an artist for a comic. He even felt there was some sort of remarkable power lurking in comic books that needs to be out in the open!
McCloud shows us in his book, that most comics began before the turn of century but it ventures further back to around 1519! Found in Pre-Columbian was a picture manuscript by Cortes around that time. It usually shows from separating words from pictures but easily understood. McCloud goes on to explain the history in vivid detail and what it led up to was that there will be many ways to define COMICS and the process will not end anytime soon.
In Chapter 2, it explains the vocabulary of comics. The more I read into this chapter I was more interested in the pictures. I was lost in the way the faces would change and how it went from a far more difficult drawing to an easy and more complex drawing. The faces is what took my attention because on page 29 he starts to show how you can change it and I see when it came to drawing himself, he used a far more easier and complex drawing. One thing McCloud said that sums up the whole chapter (in my opinion) would be this;
“All the things we EXPERIENCE in life can be separated into TWO REALMS, the REALM of the CONCEPT and the realm of the SENSES.”

p.s. this looked way more "comic" on microsoft word! LOL!


  1. krissy, I really like your quote at the end of your blog. We do really experience life through concept and through senses. I also like how you talked about McCloud not being interested in comics till he was in highs school. It shows that at anytime we can be hooked into any activity or hobby.

  2. Nice Krissy. Great job on both chapters!!!

  3. Very true, Josh. I didn't get into comics until my senior year in college!

    Weak sauce, Tamra ;-)

    Good post, Krissy. However, you also neglected to include McCloud's definition in your summary--that's a main point, right there. Also, try and keep your summary and your own thoughts separate--remember Chapter 2 of They Say / I Say!

  4. PS I dig the quotes. Just maybe don't end with one. We'll discuss why in more detail as the semester wears on, but think of it this way. If the quote is a "they say" than where's your "I say"?

    Still, nice work.

  5. Nice entry Krissy! I also really like how he showed the contrast in complex and simple drawing, really cool! He made a lot of sense! I liked the quotes you used too!

  6. thanks Josh Silva, Tamra Jean, & BFarrell! ;) You guys are awesome!

    Ben V- thank you! im starting to get that concept more and more! :D