29 June 2010

lois lane sees the cape

To begin, a brief overview was provided from De Haven's novel,It's Superman!,consisting of young Clark Kent's life before he put on the tights.It describes an adventurous road trip he shared with a friend where he encountered many life issues during the 1930's; rampant racism, the recovery of the Great Depression, war in Europe. He also encountered situations to save people which results in him failing and plays a role in his doubt of his own abilities. Haven's introduction of Lois Lane and Clark Kent's beginning begins with Lois Lane witnessing a man being shot in the chest. She rushes to the mans side and puts herself in danger a the killer who is now behind the wheel of a car aimed and rushing at her. Instead of death, she witnesses the car being held at a complete stop and then being destroyed right in front of her eyes. The story continues into Clark Kent's events where it describes a emotional human side to this superhero. He expresses that he doesn't know what to do to defeat this robot monster killing people in his community but after being humbled by his mother's voice he scraps his courage together and defeats the monster which also brings him face to face with Lois Lane. Haven also provides a quick look at the man behind the robotic monster, Lex Luther. The image given of Lex Luther is of a man that is controlled, scary and vividly complex through a simple drive through the city as he plots his hideous plan that includes people ranging from the president to George Washington Carver. But Lex's thick egocentric mind leaves a calling card to be found, serial numbers in all of the 100 free robotic monsters, which makes the bridge between Clark Kent/Superman and Lex.

I would like to say first off, that i read through this assigned reading so quickly that I was extremely disappointed when it was over. I really liked how Haven made his jumps between the characters. From Lois' insanely descriptive mind, to Lex's over inflated cocky mind to Clark's honorable but fragile mind. I also appreciated the brief introduction which helped me as the reader to understand his frail thought processing. I am now looking for the novel so I can read the entire thing!!! =0)

Clark Kent's first encounter of Lois Lane is during his battle with Lex Luther's robotic monsters that causes mayhem. Lois Lane witnesses


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