28 June 2010


Superman made his first appearance in 1938 in Action Comics No. 1 where we are introduced to his origin. As an aging planet a scientist places his infant son in a space-ship and send it to Earth. Once found on Earth the alien infant is placed and raised in an orphange where as he grows his super abilities become apparent to all those around him and as he matures further he learns and channels the full potential to his abilities and he becomes, "Superman! Champion of the oppressed , the physical marvel who had sworn to devote his existence to helping those in need!" Superman isn't always hovering over the city looking for evil-doers though, during the day he uses a secret identity, Clark Kent, a reporter and average citizen working for The Daily Earth.

We are introduced to Batman first in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Batman, like Superman, hides his identity by being a normal civilian during the day, and at night fighting crime, Batman's identity is Bruce Wayne, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, a ladie's man and an original gangster in my opinion because he's so cool. The difference between Batman and every other super hero is that Batman doesn't have freakish super abilities, no super strength, no super speed, this guy can't even fly, he defeats evil-doers by using his highly advanced weapons, tools and gadgets, intelligence, and also his crazy skills in beating down crooks on the spot.

I've never been into Superman and reading his first issue didn't alter that at all. I'm not very impressed by Superman as a comic, I enjoy Batman more based on the fact that he isn't super human and he has to actually work to fight crime by using his mind, skills and precision not by the ability to have bullets bounce off his skin. Superman can fly and pick up my house but i'm more impressed by the vigilanty who really puts his life on the line in the name of justice.

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