16 June 2010

Superhero Soup: A Recipe for Greatness

To Create Your Very Own Superhero from the 1930's You Will Need the Following Ingredients:

One costume (preferably tight-fitting to show off a manly physique)
Physical Strength or Special Abilities
Alias/Secret Identity
Connections (for crime tips)
Desire to Do Good

Mix together. Throw in some humor, back story, vices, fancy gadgets, or even a sidekick to taste and ...

Voila! Bon Apetite!

Okay... so all these "ingredients" are the main ideas of what superheroes like "THE BAT-MAN" and "Superman" are supposed to include. Well, okay, they have their major differences (Superman's an ALIEN for crying out loud!), but all in all this is the template.

Superman is an alien who was dropped on this planet in an S.O.S. situation--his home planet was destroyed. A long way from home and with incredible inhuman abilities (i.e. being able to jump over skyscrapers, run faster than trains, having impenetrable skin), he decides he was going to do good for society here. Of course he fights crime and wears silly tights and says things like, "And now you're going to get a lesson you'll never forget!" He saves the girl, Lois Lane, the object of affection of his alias, Clark Kent. Now. Talk about ridiculous. Clark Kent is a horrible alter ego! He's a skittish coward that works at a news paper... the newspaper job works to get the crime tips, but does he really have to be the complete opposite of Superman?! It's sad really. We all know how Lois Lane will loose her marbles for guys like Superman and how the cowardly types don't appeal to her... why then would he torment himself like that? Superman is one of the Greats or so I'm told, so I won't write him off yet...

THE BAT-MAN (I really how they call him this!), however, is another story altogether. Now this guy knows how to fight crime and live a fabulous life. As his public self, Bruce Wayne, he's a young, rich socialite who spends his time in his mansion or smoking cigars with his good buddy Commissioner Gordon (his crime-tipper) when he's not beating up bad guys and solving crime-mysteries. It would seem in this first episode, that he is simply, a bad-ass. He's the kinda guy that would get Lois Lane as the normal guy and the superhero.

Interesting that we would read the beginning of Superman and Batman together. I wonder whose going to ask the common question, "Who'd win a fight between Superman and Batman?" After reading both comics, I could safely say that Superman definitely has the advantage, being an alien and all. But I don't think these two superheroes would ever throw down anyway. They seem to have the same agenda: do-gooders. So, instead of making war with each other, I believe they'd be making love... err, or at least join forces and fight crime together as completely heterosexual buddies!

... or maybe not. ;)


  1. I love how you did your blog in a recipe format of what greatness should consist of! I also like how you put in a picture I need to learn how to do that!

  2. That picture is... disturbing.

    Regarding who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman, remember Superman has a weakness (kryptonite) and Batman is great with science and gadgets. He would have Superman pinned down in a kryptonite net or something in no time.

  3. Wow. Really, Beth? Really?! How can you even ask that question?! Fail ;-)

  4. So congrats to Beth, whose truly odd but oddly inciteful post has won her the top spot on The Daily Pugle this week!

  5. LOL!! I love the picture Beth!! And if they both combined forces and fight crime together, that would be a great twist!!!

  6. Based on you post, Beth, a friend of mine sent me this gem :-)