30 June 2010

twelve revolutions

` In reading Superman From Cleveland to Krypton by Micheal Chaben, it broke down the history of superman and his origin in the history of comics itself. The creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster along with many other comic book artists of that time all were Jewish. It spoke of the relations of Superman and the Jewish history and its significance to many other readers, and including many other comics having Jewish morals.

I found this reading to be; personally, kind of irritating. Only because I am not religious, although I don’t disagree that religion, along with other values impose morals on society. Naturally we choose our own influences as individuals, and I don’t disagree that you can easily see how such ideas are relatable, but that applies to anything that is a potential influence. I am not a big fan of Superman comics but yes they are entertaining. I enjoy how he sited many sources that proved his argument but I am strongly opposed to the only direction he narrowed it down to was the Jewish origins, but I would just say that they do have many Jewish influences.

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