06 July 2010

The Inner Workings of the Superhero World

In the book, Watchman, published by DC Comics in 1986 there's a great look into the superhero life called "Under the Hood" about a superhero named Nite Owl. His day name was, Hollis Mason, who begins his story telling the reader about his memories about his father job in a auto shop. He delivers a humorous yet gloomy story about his fathers boss and how he met his tragic end. He goes further to explains how he made his decision of becoming a superhero named Nite Owl. He career during the day was that of a police officer but it wasn't till be took/borrowed a comic from a kid in his community that sparked his childhood fantasies. At that time, the 1939's, there were many superheros emerging doing justice in their community but it wasn't till later that they came together to form the Minutemen which consist of The Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. As soon as the group formed it began to fall apart either by humanly duties like marriage or alcoholism or by the inevitable; death. Nite Owl soon begins to see share how his 27 year career as a superhero goes by and he is replaced with the new age superhero like Dr. Manhattan. Which pretty much leads to his retirement and him being sot out by a young adventurous individual with the same passion for the double life as he did and ends with part two of the life and existences of the Nite Owl.
This reading is a comic that I am familiar with because of the movie. I liked how the story starts off. It is a little humorous imagining a little kid seeing a grown man wearing a pair of boobs crying over a wife that left him. I also liked how he turned to the women from the corner store for help regarding his book, even though she seemed to bug him when he shopped with her 42 novels that never made it to a bookshelf, to me he could have picked a better source for him, maybe a published author. Nevertheless I like the progression of the story of Nite Owl pre-existence to his non-existence.


  1. Proofread!

    But otherwise, not a bad post ;-)

  2. i don't remember much about the movie... only that i didn't really like it. but this excerpt definitely had my attention... i wonder if i like comics after all ;) good post, your summary was well organized!