10 March 2010

A Glance Into A Superhero's Life

In the story, The Watchmen, written by Alan Moore it is an autobiography about the superhero known as Nite Owl. The story starts off with the saddest story Hollis Mason has ever heard. Mason’s father worked for a man named Moe Vernon. Moe likes to joke around a lot and is wearing a pair of fake breasts one day as a joke. Moe’s wife sends him a letter stating that she was leaving him for one of his workers, Fred Motz. His wife, Beatrice, took out all of the money in their joint account so that way she and Fred could go on a vacation to Tijuana. Moe ends up killing himself that night. Moe’s brother took over the shop and ends up giving Moe’s job to Fred. In the end, the bad guy ends up beating the good guy. Whereas when it comes to superheroes, the good guy always comes out on top.

After being a policeman for a while Hollis Mason decides to become a superhero and is known as the Nite Owl. The costume includes a mask that conceals his identity and he wears leather gloves. Shortly after becoming a superhero, more people became superheroes and they form a group known as the Minutemen. Soon the group experiences problems and they end up breaking up. Nite Owl was the only member left in the group. The Comedian tried to sexually assault Sally Jupiter and he left the group. He still continued to be a superhero. Silhouette was accused of being a lesbian because she lived with another female. They decided she gave the Minutemen a bad image so they kicked her out. Dollar Bill was shot and killed when his cape got stuck in a door. Sally Thunder quit so that way she could get married and start a family. Finally, Nite Owl decided to retire because he was old, a real superhero showed up, and people who admired him offered to take his place.

This was a really interesting reading and this is like the only autobiography about a superhero. Superman wouldn’t be able to write an autobiography because that would destroy the illusion that he never ages. This story tells the life about a superhero that was a normal human before and how he does age and eventually has to give up the superhero life.

09 March 2010


Hollis Mason writes this autobiography of his life as a superhero. He starts off with his conversation with this unpublished romance writer, asking her how he could go about writing a book. She tells Mason to start off with the saddest story he knows in order to win the reader’s sympathy this draws his audience in. The tragic end of Moe Vernon’s’ life is the saddest one Mason could think of. Vernon was his dad’s boss at an auto shop who was the jokester always trying to find some way to make people laugh. Until one day when wearing a pair of fake breast in order to get a laugh out if the guys who drop off the mail, he gets a letter from his wife, Beatrice. His wife had told Vernon that she had been having an affair with one of his most trusted workers for the past two years. When he burst out of his office to let his workers know what had happened, instead of sympathy he got laughed at. With all these tragic events Vernon let his workers go home early then he ended up committing suicide in his shop.

This was the saddest story Mason could think of and it’s very ironic because it’s not something that usually happens in comics. Even Mason’s life was very confusing because he starts off with the inspiration behind the wanting to become a superhero. This included his decision on a name, costume, and just how exactly how he prepared to become one by training and getting fit. As soon as Mason started to become a vigilante there soon to be others who also were like him dressing up and preventing crime. Him and the others decided to create a group called the minutemen. They stood together for a while which surprised Mason but as time moved on they started to fall apart because of acts of evil, or the secret of a superhero, marriage, kids and then the bang one happened in the 50s when America started to become afraid of communism. This led to the people who once applauded their courage and righteousness to turn against the remaining heroes harassing them trying to make them come out to prove they had nothing to hide. Mason (Night Owl) was one who didn’t want to reveal his true identity so he kept it secret only doing heroic acts occasionally. But almost as this scare was forgotten another problem came up, which was an actual superhero. Hollis Mason is just your average guy who decided to become a superhero and then comes along a guy who has actual powers and did everything he did but better. This led to Hollis Mason’s retirement as the night owl which helped make clear the path for a new set of superheroes. Ending with saying that superheroes are here to stay no matter which way good and evil, they are here to stay.

I like this reading because not only was it so believable it was really interesting. The author had created this character and he gave this hero a history which gives the readers the impression that this guy did exist. Also that he was like no other hero because in some of the old comics you hear that good always conquers evil but in this story good didn’t always overcome evil. It gave this story something different and new. But also that Hollis Mason was probaly one of the first heroes people could look up to in the story which made him almost like a role model.

Superman Can't Possibly be a Myth

The Myth of Superman written by, Umberto Eco goes into detail about the history of all superheroes. Eco also goes into great detail about Superman and his past. He explained how Superman isn’t from Earth and how he is from the planet Krypton. The superhuman powers Superman realizes he has from super strength to flying at the speed of light. Eco goes into explaining that the creators of Superman don’t ever allow a specific date or time to be clarified in any of the comics. If this happened then Superman would be aging and he should be viewed as an old man. Instead, the readers feel that no time is passing and Superman doesn’t age at all and he can always look the same. For example, if Superman did get married then the audience would view it as time passing and Superman would be aging in our minds. When Superman is using his super powers, normal humans can’t really relate to him because in our minds, Superman can do anything. On the other hand when Superman is Clark Kent, we can relate to him because he is a normal guy. In fact, he is seen as a nerd and can’t really do anything extraordinary. It is hard for Clark Kent to get a date which normal humans face in reality. By only talking about Superman, Eco is able to avoid defining what a superhero is and this is smart on his part. Superheroes haven’t been defined and there really is no correct definition for a superhero.

It tends to become clearer what the reading is about when we go over it in class because our teacher goes more in depth and does a complete analysis of the reading. When I read the assignment I usually just read it in order to get the assignment over with. I didn’t know that there was more to this reading until we went over it in class. After class, I realized that the reading was actually really interesting and the author had to put a lot of thought into his work.

08 March 2010

Watchmen "Under The Hood"

In the comic book Watchmen there was a story called “Under the Hood” about a former superhero named Hollis Mason best known as Nite Owl. Hollis Mason explains to us that he wants to write a novel about when he was a superhero and he goes to a woman named Denise to ask for help. Denise tells Mason that if he thinks and writes about the saddest thing that happened to him that it would catch a lot of readers eyes. Hollis begins to tell about when he worked at an auto repair shop with his father where his boss Moe Vernon read a letter wearing fake breasts from his wife saying that she is breaking up with him to be with his co-worker named Fred. Vernon explains that his wife emptied the account and took off with Fred, and while telling this to his co-workers he had the fake breasts on still so they all just laughed at him. Even though one worker came and apologized, Moe still felt bad and locked himself in a car where he inhaled carbon monoxide gases and then later died. After this experience Mason decided to protect people from harm like when they are walking or driving somewhere. Mason also explained that he did this only at night and this is why he got the name the Nite Owl. Mason then joined The Minutemen which consist of The Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. Soon the Minutemen started to fall off because they where being killed one by one. The Hooded Justice turns up missing and they compare him to a circus worker named Rolf Muller, later they find the body of Rolf Muller and the body was badley decomposed. Dr. Manhatten is brought into the story and the world becomes scared of Dr. Manhatten, but soon the people in the world soon accepted him because he wasn’t there to harm people.
This reading is one of the better ones I have read this semester. I like the way the story started off by telling us about Hollis before he becomes night owl, and how his boss killed himself over his ex-wife. The reading seemed like the Minutemen where weak and the only saving we read about was when Nite Owl protected people over the night. Hopefully there would be another reading about this later on in the semester.

Cancer (The Real Deal)

Cancer is a topic that has touched , and torn apart and brought a lot of families together in this case it has done both. Harvey Joyce husband goes to the hospital for a check up on his hernia and finds out he has a tumor So in finding out this the doctor doesn't even give them any comfort because he leaves so quick with out explaining any steps for them to take. which leaves them turn to a Friend of the family for comfort in dealing with cancer. Joyce chooses to call a hot line and seek help Harvey choose to make a will and in a way face the facts so he some what eases his pain that way. Me my self i would have cornered the Doctor and made him give me some more answers or at least punched him in the face lol then went to a second doctor for help and support.

True Hollywood Story: Nite Owl

"Under the Hood" is an excerpt from the comic book Watchmen which talks about a super hero Hollis Mason or The Nite Owl.
Mason starts off by writing about Denise who is a developing writer whose books were never published, and Mason talks to Denise about starting off this book. As told by Denise, Mason starts his story with a sad story of his dad and his struggle. His dad moved to New York from Montana with the hope of independent. His dad worked for Moe Vernon, who Mason describes as a man with old New York face.Mason's dad was very enthusiastic about his work and he earned enough to feed a family of four.Mason as a kid used to go to his dad's work where he helped his dad. On his process of helping his dad, Mason got the opportunity to get inside Moe's office where he played his gramophone as loud as he could.Moe had one of the largest collections of random items, from a cheap blue gimmick to a ball point pen, every salt and pepper crewet to every plastic dog mess.One day in 1933, after mason's seventeenth birthday, Moe received a letter from his wife saying that she had been having an affair with Fred, who apparently worked for Moe. And his wife had fled with Fred taking all the money out of their joint account. That night, Moe killed himself by running a tube for the exhaust of one of the shop's vehicles.Moe's brother took over the business and rehired Fred Mortz as chief mechanic.
The story suddenly moves to 1939, where Mason becomes a New york City police officer. He blames his grandfather, Hollis Wordsworth Mason, for choosing his career as a policeman.His grandmother had a major impact on his upbringing, however his grandfather paid special attention to him, because Mason's parents named him after his grand dad.His grandfather told him that people living in the country were were lot morally healthy than the people in the city.Mason after experiencing life in the cities, the pimps, pornographers, child rapists, his grandfather's idea of country people was true up to some extent.
Mason dressed up as an owl to fight crime, because he had fun and somebody needed to do so.Mason started becoming a super-hero when writers were coming up with ideas in comics. First issue of Action Comics, it was the time when only kids were suppose to read comics.Mason rescued his class mate and his English teacher from bullies and mugs, but like any other super-hero,he did not risk his identity.To recollect his memories, the first super-hero in reality came in the form of "Hooded Justice", who claimed his image from preventing a stick-up in a supermarket.the super-hero had crashed in through the window and attacked the culprit.This is when, Mason realized and told to himself that he had to be the second super-hero.
Mason writes his hard-work and labor he had to put into being a super-hero. He trained three months for self-consciousness, doubting and ridiculing himself. As every super-hero he had to have a costume, but before that he had to come up with a name. He writes that after having to reject his co-worker many times for a drink, his co-worker called him a "Nite Owl" as a sarcasm, but to Mason, it was his super-hero's name.After the name, Mason writes about his costume. He went for a design that made the arms and legs as free as possible for mobility and flexibility. He protected his body and head with a tough leather tunic, light chainmail briefs, and a layer of leather-over chain mail protecting his head.He then went for the mask, He first used a simple string to attach his mask to his face, after a bad encounter he opted to go with spirit gum, like the ones used by actors in movies. After 1939, being a super-hero was a fad. The "Hooded Justice" started a trend of super-heroes.There were Silhouette, The Comedian, Captain Metropolis, Silk Spectre, Dolar Bill,Mothman, and Nite owl who were flourishing as super heroes.He then starts pointing out faults in super-heroes. he writes that some of them were politically active, sexually hung up, unstable, neurotic, crazy, kinky, and Nazis. Mason writes about Minutemen, which is an elite group of superheroes. It started when Laurence Schexnayder, posted an ad on a newspaper asking all the super-heroes to come forward.Mason describes Comedian as a disgrace to the minutemen. Comedian attempted to sexually assault Sally Jupiter in a room after meeting. this particular incident made him leave the group by mutual consent.Mason then writes, Silhouette was having a lesbian relationship. However,she was later murdered along with her lover by her former enemies. Dollar Bill was shot dead and Sally quit.
Mason jumps to 1947, where things have changed and people's ideas, perception towards them had changed. The super-heroes were in their forties and people had started making fun of them in one way or the other. Mason writes that, the minutemen had to testify before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, and were forced to reveal their true identities to one of their representatives.After this incident, many super-heroes had to go through some trouble. However, when Hooded Justice refused to reveal his identity, he had to retire. But a newspaper discovered a disappearance of a strong circus man named Rolf Muller, who had quit his job at the height of the Senate Subcommittee hearings. his body was found dead, three months later.Mason had several questions in his mind regarding Rolf Muller and Hooded Justice.Mason describes Dr. Manhattan as the Super-Hero.Dr.Manhattan could walk through the walls, move for one place to another without covering the intervening distance and re-arrange things completely with a single thought.The extreme being of Dr. Manhattan made Mason to eradicate the idea of him being a super-hero and made him quit.However, Dr. Manhattan was not the first one, there had been a report of a adventurer named Ozymandias,who had gain reputation among criminal fraternity for his intelligence.
After looking at the super-heroes of his time in a charity event, Mason finally decided to hang his mask. He had gotten over the adventure of being a super hero. so, he decided to help his dad at Moe Vernon's yard.
I had read the whole "Watchmen" comic book about a year ago in Minnesota, but I did not read this page. May be I thought this was an advertisement section. However, now that I read this, I remember that there are few other characters who have their own little side story in the book. This little side story was extremely detailed and amazingly matched with the history. From, World War to McCarthy, it was very nicely done. It gets really hard for a writer to look into every aspect of the story. And although this side story may not be that important related to the comic book, all these stories make the comic book even more interesting to read.

Our Cancer Year.... WTF!!!!

Joyce’s brother but not close brother is unemployed. He shows up to Joyce’s and her husband Harvey’s house. Since Harvey has an appointment the next day to find out if he has a hernia, he offers Todd a lifting job when he gets out of surgery. Well Harvey finds out he doesn’t have a hernia, instead he has a tumor or cancer!!! Dr. Cantor breaks the bad news to Joyce and Harvey then just pretty much shuts them out and doesn’t explain himself good enough to them. Dr. Cantor just treats Harvey pretty shitty. He could have at least explain himself to them and what was happening and what needed to be done, but he just went on without doing that. So Joyce and Harvey have to continue their lives with a lot of unanswered questions.

The end really sucked it left me pretty much the same way the Dr left Joyce and Harvey. With a lot of questions like did Harvey live? If so are him and Joyce happy in their new house? Did Todd find a job? I mean Todd even being in the comic was unnecessary. The comic was weird, it left me with to much closure. I needed more from it to understand it better but since I didn’t get more I found the comic to be stupid and I didn’t like it at all!!!!!!!!!

the original superheros

Under the Hood, is a piece from the watchmen comic book series its basically the story of Hollis Mason, who is also the night owl. Mason wants to write a story but he cant figure out how to start it so he goes to the towns local grocery store and asks the best writer he knows which is an old lady whose’ written hundreds of books but has credit to none. She tells him to start out with the saddest thing that’s ever happened to grab the reader’s attention. So Mason remembers back to when he was a teenager and tells a sad story on how his dads boss kills himself because his wife left him. When mason was young he spent a lot of time with his grandfather. Thus his grandfather pounded morals in his head. So Mason decided to become a police officer. After Mason graduated from the academy he read his first superman comic. Then a short while after that he read an article on these masked people that were superheroes but they were not called super heroes at the time. But after he read these two items Mason decided that he wanted to be like that. This is where we get the beginning of night owl. Night owl he get because he is the protector of the night. All of this is him talking about how he become a super hero in his comics as it is not real. After becoming night owl Mason joins the group of other masked heros called minutemen this group consisted of Silhouette, silk spectre, comedian, hooded justice, captain metropolis, nite owl, mothman, and dollar bill. But this group wouldn’t last long as their was many internal problems, like silhouette being a lesbian and comedian being I psycho pathiec rapest. There was also the fact of them getting murdered one by one hooded justness had the worst as his body was in very bad shape when they found him. Doller bill was killed as well. So there was really no hope for the group. Mason next talks about the 60s the superman era. This is when dr. Manhattan comes around and finally gives the term super hero. Dr. manhattan signifys the end of their group. He shows them that they are no longer wanted at the charity group. So this is how we get the term super hero.

This reading was better than the past readings for me personally. I kind of like the whole idea of the group. For one their a little more realistic. They have problems just like normal groups there not like superman who is perfect. The beginning was fun to read cute little story. I wish dr. manhattan didn’t totally disbanded the group but as thing were going it would’ve happened anyway.

07 March 2010

An Engine's Life Story Underneath that Hood

From the comic book Watchmen, the autobiography Under the Hood describes the life of Hollis Mason and his progression to becoming a super hero and the Nite Owl. After recieving advice from an experienced writer named Denise, Mason starts off with a tragic story of his father's boss named Moe Vernon. He uses this story to gain the audience's sympathies on his side. He recalls a time working in an auto repair shope with his dad and Moe. Moe recieves a letter from his wife stating her affair with another man named Fred Motz, and her taking all the money from their account and leaving with Fred. That night Moe sent all the workers home early and locked himself in a car pumping the exaust into the cracked window, causing him to die from the fumes. Mason's grandfather had a big effect on his future because his grandfather instructed him with morals at a young age. This set a stepping stone for Mason as he became a police officer for New York City. After reading an issue of Superman, Mason then decides to become a masked vigilante and protect people from the regular everyday crime. This made him create and become the Nite Owl. After that came the group called the Minutemen, which consisted of himself, the Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Captain Metropolis, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. After awhile the team began to split apart. Starting out with Comedian trying to rape Sally Jupiter, then with the deaths of Silhouette and Dollar Bill. By 1949 the Minutemen were done for. The whole group, the Comedian excluded was called in to testify before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee and were forced to reveal their true identities. Mason notes that the Hooded Justice had vanished and rumors were around that he was a man named Rolf Muller. The rumors were because the two had disappeared around the same time and had similar builds. In all the group each revealed their identities and the charges were dropped.
Then came Dr. Manhatten "who would make the term masked hero and costumed adventurer as obsolete as the persons they described" (Mason 13). Dr. Manhatten was the start of the super hero. Mason describes how Dr. Manhatten was introduced to the world in 1960 and all the incredible powers and abilities he has. Everyone had a endless list of emotions and uncertainty about Dr. Manhatten. They were'nt sure what or who he was and if his intentions were meant for good or for evil. Mason along with others attend a Red Cross Charity Event. This event signifies the Nite Owl being replaced by a younger admirer who asks if he can take over the night owl name. Impressed by his technology he wants to use to fight crime and his intentions to follow Mason's footsteps, Mason cannot refuse and therefore retires.
I enjoyed this reading because it portreys that anyone can make a difference in the world. After reading this I can now correlate the movie and this reading together. I thought the beginning of the story was a little different but it did help get my attention and size up what kind of person Hollis Mason was. I also liked how the ending connected back with the start of the story with him returning to fixing cars with his dad down at Moe Vernon's car repair.

cancer blog

The first page of Our Cancer Year is unusual. There is no dialog. The one man in the drawing looks disappointed. He is carrying bricks and his thinking cloud contains a dark cloud and lightning. Joyce’s brother Tod comes by her home. He hasn’t been in contact with her. Tod doesn’t have a job so Joyce’s husband Harvey offers Tod a lifting job after his surgery. Days later Harvey checks into the hospital for his surgery with Dr. Cantor. Hours after surgery, Dr. Cantor reveals to Joyce that he found a tumor in Harvey. He doesn’t explain to Joyce if “tumor mean the same as cancer”. Dr. Cantor doesn’t explain to Harvey about his condition. And the idea of being left by the doctor without an explanation makes Joyce furious. And again Dr. Cantor “leaves abruptly”. Harvey and Joyce look for comfort in their own way. Joyce finds comfort through a cancer hotline and Harvey finds his through will arrangements. Harvey’s CAT scan results are positive. “The cancer was encapsulated”. Harvey while on sick leave “decides to keep on moving, to keep busy”. During the process of moving, Harvey has a breakdown about his illness. He becomes violent and he throws bricks. At the moment of his breakdown the landlord unexpectedly comes to inspect the house. He doesn’t due to his respect for Harvey’s and Joyce’s privacy. At the new house, Joyce meets a female carpenter. They have a connection because the carpenter has a family history of cancer. The end of Our Cancer year appears sarcastically. The carpenter and Joyce portray an attitude that they don’t care about cancer because it can’t be stopped.
The comic made me have a personal reaction to it. I felt angry at the doctor because he showed that he didn’t care for Harvey and Joyce’s concerns. The pictures were very poorly drawn, I thought Joyce was a man. I think that people could get a moral meaning out o f this comic.

The Story Underneath the Mask!

“Under the Hood” from the comic book Watchmen was about the story of a former super hero Hollis Mason aka Nite Owl. Mason begins tell us about this lady named Denise that writes great novels and howhe went to her when he decided that he wanted to write something but he doesnt know where to start. She tells him to start with the saddest thing he could remember to catch the hearts of the readers. He thinks about the time he was working with his dad at an auto repair shop when the boss man named Moe Vernon, Moe was reading a letter that his wife is leaving him for his co-worker Fred Motz. Vernon’s wife empty'd their joint account and takes off with Fred to live a life she was wanted. Moe Vernon tells his workers while wearing fake breasts and everyone just laughs at him. Vernon lets everyone leave early, he locks himself inside a car with a tube running from the exhaust of the shop’s operational vehicles thru the cracked window in the vehicle he was in; he dies inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. Mason knows this isnt a tragic story of something that happened to him but it was still a story of someone that worked close with him and his father. Mason finds out he has an ability to save innocent people from bad things that may take place while others are walking home, driving, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Mason then becomes the “Nite Owl” , in the since that he would be out at night to watch over those innocent victims. Mason goes on to talk about how he became apart of the group called "The Minutemen". The “Minutemen” members are The Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. Super heroes of the “Minutemen” were being killed off one by one. The Hooded Justice turns up missing and they start comparing him to a circus performer name Rolf Muller. Later, the body of Rolf Muller turned up dead and was decomposed. The world is introduced to Dr. Manhattan, the world is scared and cant really except what or who he is, so it takes a while before they finally realize hes not going to hurt them. They have a Red Cross Relief dinner, a new guy introduced himself to the “Nite Owl” and was wondering if he could use his name. He took Mason on tour of the weapons and he talked about what he was planning to use and that made the “Nite Owl” happy, and he could not turn him down.

I liked this reading and they really catch you through out because it didnt have a lot of pictures and was more like a short story. I liked the other super heroes they talked about also, they didnt put all of them into the movie, most of them though. It takes a lot to try to change the world and to take that pressure apond yourself is crazy but they believed in it so much it became there lives. This helped me get a better understanding of the movie and patched up a lot of wholes. Overall I liked this reading a lot!

Faces behind mask

“Under the Hood” from the comic book “Watchmen” was about one of the super heroes retelling the life he lived when he was a super. He starts off trying to write about a book or something and is having trouble about where to start. The young lady he is with, Denise, tells him to start with the saddest memory he has in order to grasp the readers’ attention and get the reader’s sympathy. He recounts the time when we was working with his dad at an auto repair shop when the boss man named Moe Vernon, is wearing fake plastics breasts and reads a letter that his wife is leaving him for his co-worker Fred Motz. Vernon’s wife empties their joint account and takes off with Fred to live a life she was wanted. However, Moe Vernon tells his workers while wearing the fake breasts and everyone just laughs at him. Although, everyone laughed at him an employee goes into his office to apologize. Vernon lets everyone leave early so he could lock himself inside a car with a tube running from the exhaust of the shop’s operational vehicles thru the cracked window in the vehicle he was in. He died inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. Hollis Mason understood that this was not his tragic memory, but was a tragic memory to a guy he and his father worked with. Mason soon discovers his ability to save innocent people from bad things that may take place while others are walking home, driving, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Mason then becomes the “Nite Owl” because he is a protector at night to those who may be in trouble for whatever reason they became victims. Then he describes the events that lead up to how he became part of a group called “Minutemen”. Captain Metropolis had written to Sally Jupiter’s agent in reference to forming a masked group who could use each other’s experience and resources. Sally Jupiter’s agent, soon to be her husband, was Laurence Schexnayder. He was worried that Sally was not getting enough press time and decided that she should just become a member of the “Minutemen”. The “Minutemen” consisted of The Silhouette, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, Mothman, and Dollar Bill. The team had their flaws and the media was pointing out where the Super heroes have failed because their costumes represented something different than being super heroes to civilians. Soon the public becomes aware that the Silhouette was a lesbian living with her girlfriend. Soon after many of the Super heroes of the “Minutemen” were being killed off one by one. The Hooded Justice turns up missing and they start comparing him to a circus performer name Rolf Muller, but they never came up with strong evidence. However, the body of Rolf Muller turned up and was decomposed horrifically. Finally, Dr. Manhattan is introduced to the world, in which they are afraid because they do not know who is or what he is. It took a couple of days, maybe weeks to finally accept his presence in the world and finally figured out that he was not going to do anything to harm anybody. Most of the super heroes showed up at the Red Cross Relief dinner, but Mason was not happy to see the Comedian there talking up a storm and his cigar smoke passing thru anybody who was in range. Finally a new guy introduced himself to the “Nite Owl” and was wondering if he could use his name. He took Mason on tour of what weapons he was planning to use and that made the “Nite Owl” happy to where he could not turn down a person who believed in what Mason did.

I thought the reading was very interesting because it didn’t start of like a regular story line that I am most familiar with. Mason talked about how he became a super hero and the people he fought along with. Although nothing really lasts forever, he did what he could at the time to make a name for himself as well as save lives. I thought people pretend or say that they are changing the world for the better, but when I read this I actually thought people could do such a thing. Nobody ever really takes that stance in standing by what they believe and see the good in worst outcomes. Although nobody has powers or mad fighting skills that I know of, we are just average people trying to make it a world where nothing is ever good enough. I thought the reading was a lot better than the other readings we have read because this one actually kept my attention. I’ve seen the movie like a thousand times and now having read something that contains the “Watchmen”, made me see the movie in a new perceptive.