22 March 2010

A Few More Words From McCloud

Not quite the end to Scott McCloud’s work but The Twelve Revolutions gives a new twist to McCloud’s work. He explains how he has a passion for the work he does and how he wants to continue to do his work for as long as he possibly can. The book doesn’t exactly discuss how to read or understand comics but it does explain what an important role the twelve different revolutions play, and why they play these roles. When comic books first came out they were huge in the industry and stayed that way for quite a while but slowly people became bored with reading the same plot over and over again. Comic books aren’t what they used to be, sales have dropped, not many people are interested, and comics are just not as important as what people used to make them out to be. Most people are used to comics with the same plot, same characters, and the same endings. McCloud feels that if all comic creators would use his twelve revolutions ideas then the comic community would make a comeback. These different revolutions would change how people view comics by changing the characters and the plot to meet the wants of the readers. Other possibilities might be new creators with different ideas and a different outlook on comics.

If you ask me I think McCloud has a good idea with his twelve revolutions because not all people want to read about superheroes and villains. Why not throw a new plot in the mix, maybe make comics that pertain to things that are happening in real life, something for both young boys and girls, and something for an older generation. In doing this there is a chance of more sales and higher ratings for comics. New comic creators would be able to make a difference and now right about what ever other creator is writing about. New ideas are definitely needed to keep comics alive. As for the reading itself, it wasn’t difficult to read at all and made a lot of sense. I also thought it was very interesting to see how McClould could so easily convince his readers that his ideas are so great and actually make his readers agree with him so much.