31 March 2010

Weird Cancer Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Publish in 1994, Our Cancer Year is an "out of the box" sort of comic book.The story starts off when Harvey and Joyce are a married couple, who are moving to there new place.Harvey is some having issues so he decides to have an operation.On the day of his operation,Dr. Cantor finds out that he has a tumor, which is a Lymphoma,so he simply scoops it out and sews it back up.Harvey and Joyce get very scared with the news of Harvey having cancer. The nurses, people in the hospital, and Joyce try to make Harvey feel better. While Harvey and Joyce are all alone by themselves, they share their grief, crying, worrying about their future.Later, Joyce starts calling her friend and gets a Cancer Help Center phone number. She calls them up and gets informations on how to cope with people with cancer.After his CAT scan, Dr.Cantor finds out that Harvey's cancer was encapsulated in one node and it hadn't spread beyond that.Still on sick leaves, Harvey decides to help Joyce moving stuff but Joyce rejects his decision of carrying heavy stuff right after surgery. Harvey breaks down and starts throwing things around. Meantime, Joyce's landlord comes by their place to check out his apartment, but Joyce does not let them do so and they end up arguing. Later in the new house, Joyce meets up with the carpenter.Later, in the house Joyce finds out that their electrician's wife died of cancer when talking to her electrician.They talk about how pollution has affected the healths of many individuals, so Joyce decides to take up some health preventive measures in her house.
Personally, this was a weird comic. The funniest part was when the narrator calls the doctor "Good". Who does that even mean? And why is Ben making us read this? Anyways, I hope I never have to read this.