09 April 2010

The Movie: Unbreakable

I was expecting this movie, Unbreakable, to be full of action scenes and interesting characters. I found out that it was more about David Dunn's journey into becoming a superhero, rather than about him being one. This movie start off by introducing the two main characters. First we see David on a train where he has brief conversation with this woman and then the train derails. The other main character is introduced as a young boy who has a condition that causes his bones to break easily and is afraid of the world outside of his house. So to get him out of the house his mother buys him comic book issues, and coaxes him out of the house to go get them. Because of his condition the kids call him Mr.Glass. Well as Mr.Glass grows up he becomes obsessed with finding someone who is "on the opposite side of the spectrum" from him, someone who is unbreakable. The train crash is aired on the television. Almost everyone involved in the train crash is dead, everyone but David Dunn. This is where Mr.Glass and David meet and Mr.Glass begins bombarding David with questions about his health such as "when was the last time you were sick?" and so on. This is when David himself begins to question his spectacular health. He ends up asking his son, his wife, and even his boss to recall days when he was injured, or sick but nobody can. David and his son go to Mr.Glass's comic book shop to visit him where his son remembers a car accident that David had been in. Apparently he was so severely injured that he couldn't play football anymore. We find out latter in the story that his wife disapproved of football and did not want to stay with David had he gone on to play football. So when given the chance he faked and injury to save his relationship. They re relation ship is definitely rocky, as illustrated by one of the very first scenes where David hides his wedding ring from a woman he just meet but they do end up making things better towards the end. David is called to his sons school where he speaks with the principle. It ends up that she has also taught David and that he almost drown in the school pool. This is where we find out that he has a weakness, watter. Then with the help of Mr.Glass David learns that his instincts are miraculous and that he can learn the crimes that people have done by bumping into them. Using these new found skills he ends up saving a family who was being held hostage in their home. seeing as David and Mr.Glass are friends David shows up at a big comic book sale of his and they shake hands. This is where the twist in the story is. After shaking hands with Mr.Glass David can see all the bad things he has done. Mr.Glass had been so obsessed with finding someone "unbreakable" that he did so by killing mass amounts of people to weed out the ones who weren't. This is where we realize that Mr.Glass is the villain. I think this was a good ending. I enjoyed the second part of the movie much more than the first because the ending had a twist and it had more action. I think The first part of the movie was rather slow and the plot took a while to come together. Over all i think this movie was good and i would love to see it again.

Unbreakable vs. Mr. Glass (who by the way is a sneaky son of a bitch!!!)

Let me just start off by saying this movie was legit!!! Unbreakable starts off with guy named David Dunn, he’s riding a train and a lady around his age comes and sits by him. He takes off his wedding ring so right from the start its easy to tell he’s got marriage problems. She ended up being married to so she shut him down. The train crashes and everyone dies except for David, he didn’t even come out with a scratch. After that a guy named Elijah, becomes really interested in David. Elijah is lactose intolerant which means his bones are really weak and can beak fairly easy. As a kid his nickname was Mr. Glass, the other kids would tease about that because he would always have a broken bone. Elijah’s mother would buy him comics and wrap them up and put them outside on the bench just to get him to go outside because he was so intimidated and scared to go outside. So as Elijah got older he was on a search to find someone opposite of him, someone who doesn’t get sick or doesn’t break any bones, someone who is unbreakable. After the train wreck and everyone dies but David, Elijah start talking to David and asking him all kinds of random questions like when was the last time you were sick? Have you ever been hurt before, things like that. David cant remember when the last time it was when he was sick, so he asks his wife and she cant remember either. David took his son Joseph with him when he met up with Elijah, and Joseph said that his dad was injured once in a car accident that ended David’s football career. However later on in the movie we find out it’s a lie that David faked the injury because his wife thought football was nothing but violence and she didn’t want that in her life so David was going to have to choose football or his wife? Well Elijah made a good point and knew why David faked his injury. Football is for about ten years but love, love is forever. Yeah David and his wife, Audrey were not having the best marriage but every relationship has its ups and downs. However towards the end of the movie they do get things straight and make things better. David is a security guard at the university in his town, of course he still wants to be around the game of football. He never would have realized that he had the skill and instinct to know the crimes people did just by bumping into people or just touching someone else if it wasn’t for Elijah. Although David was unbreakable he did have a kryptonite and that was water. As a kid he almost drowned in the swimming pool at his school. David does save a family that’s tied up in their own house. A guy broke into their house killed the dad and tied up the daughter and wife. David saves them and is in the paper the next day but the picture of him is not to visible so you cant see him very well. At the end of the movie Elijah is having like a comic sale and David shows up to talk to him because at this point they are friends. They go back to Elijah’s office and talk for a few. After there talk Elijah say’s “I think this is where we shake hands”, so they do and David see’s all the bad things that Mr. Glass has done, he set a building on fire and killed a lot of people and he also caused the train David was on to crash. Mr. Glass said he did it to find the person he was looking for, and that person was David. I just got to say Elijah is a sneaky son of a bitch, he was behind it all. I really didn’t see that coming either so that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed this movie so much, usually movies like that are predictable. All I got to say is the hell with Mr. Glass I wish David would have killed his ass right there on the spot but that didn’t happen but the movie was really good and interesting, one question I did have though that I didn’t get in the movie was when David was working he got the vision of that one guy in a blue jacket put drugs in his pants and when David searched him he didn’t find anything, did that mean his visions were always right, because if that’s the case then we don’t know what’s true and what’s not. So that part kind of confused me but other then that I understood the rest and it was a really enjoyable movie!!!!

08 April 2010

The Iron Giant: Movie

Hogarth Hughes, the main character rescues this giant metal man who in the movie has no name from being electrocuted at a power plant. Befriending this metal giant he teaches him to talk and right from wrong. But when the giant first fell to earth from the sky and encounters a fisherman caught in a terrible storm, the fisherman contacts the government explaining his encounter. So they (the government) sent this man, Kent Mansley, out to find out what had happened. Mansley discovers a lot of strange events happening in this small town Rockwell, like giant “bites” out of people metal necessities. Mansley takes practically everything out of proportion exaggerating things to the point he gets an army to this small town to destroy this giant metal man. But this giant metal man becomes fascinated with the comic hero, Superhero. Idolizing him and wanting to be like him, this shows that the metal man has a good side to him although some may perceive him as a giant gun, but he is a giant gun with a soul, because he saves the entire town, Rockwell, and its inhabitants from a bomb that could destroy the entire town.

Watching this movie, The Iron Giant, reminded me a lot of my childhood days. Well never mind last time I watched that movie was last year. It’s an awesome movie with a good story and it makes me laugh. When talking about it in class Mr. Villarreal mentioned some of things that this movie could somehow represent. When it was set in the 1950’s was because it was a time when comics became to be really judged. There were many people who believed that comics ruined the minds of children so they decided to get rid of comics and people who were found reading them were ridiculed. He also started mentioning things about how some of the characters represented other people. I found that interesting because it’s not just a movie but it’s something more.

06 April 2010

Cancer... changes everyone!!

It starts off with a man named Harvey and his wife Joyce are at home a old friend stops by and tells them he in town just to do some work and continue on traveling. Havery ask him to stay because they are moving and hes going into surgery in the morning, so they're going to need help to finish moving things. In the middle of Joyce drinking her coffee the doctors comes out with bad news, they found a large tumor so they scooped it out and closed him back up. Harvey has Lymphoma! Harvey and his wife have to wait 10 days to get results from his cat scan and he at home stressing the whole time. So while Harvey goes to see his lawyer just in case if he dies his wife would get everything, his wife calls her friend for some advice and Joyce's friend tells her about her grandmother was old and little and she beat her cancer. Joyces friend passes the number for cancer advice and the man on the phone tells her to let her husband do whatever he feels he needs to do because everyone copes differently. He also explain questions she needed answered and tells her he will send something for them to read.The guy also recommends they get a second opinion if they need more answers. Harvey comes in for hi check up so the docter tells him that he has great news and the cancer had not spread pass the one lymph node, so he goes home still on sick leave. Harvey and his wife get into it bad while they were moving and Joyce goes to the car to so Harvey can cool off. The landlords come over to inspect the home and she goes off on them because she told them today wasnt a good day for Harvey and her. Later on Joyce is at the house unpacking and she starts talking to this female carpenter and they knew someone in common , Joyce says something about trying to get her husband to smoke to calm down since he already has cancer, so the lady tells her about the lumps in her breast and they end up hugging in the end as if they were going to start messing around!!I can understand that situation being hard on the both of them and really effecting the way they lived after all thatbut the doctor added stress by not answering questions or having a nurse come and explain things right. Also what the wife did at the end was crazy because she told the lady that she ould relate more to her then to what her husband was going through. They started hugging... I really want to know whats going to happen on the episode...lol

The Way LIfe Goes

In the comic, “Our Cancer Year”, allot of events unravel, Joyce’s wandering brother, Tod, shows up on her doorstep and stays at her house. Joyce’s husband thinks he has a hernia so isn’t able to lift boxes because there are moving to another house. Then something else happens to Harvey, the doctors find a tumor in Harvey that has lymphoma. The doctors believe it is cancerous. Harvey has to get a CAT scan to see if the cancer has spread. Harvey thinks his life is over and that he is not going to survive. He is more worried about his wife rather than himself so he decides to get a lawyer to help him with his will and to make sure that his wife Joyce is taken care of. Ten days later the CAT scan results come in and Harvey receives good news, the cancer hasn’t spread. But for some odd reason Harvey is still pissed off at the world and while he is moving bricks he starts throwing things. Harvey and Joyce are in the process of moving and Harvey becomes frustrated because he isn’t able to lift the cinder blocks due to his surgery. While Joyce is moving things to the other house she meets the carpenter who has gone throw what she was experiencing. Joyce talks to this carpenter and lets everything out. They talk about their problems and end up helping one another cope.
This comic strip was very different from the comics we have read because this is a real event that has happened to many people. Not people with just cancer but various diseases. This wife and husband are seen in a lot of homes in most cases the diagnosed tend to give on life and just go crazy spending money, getting drunk, or even killing themselves their own way. There are those people who may accept that they are going to die like Harvey but take the right steps and look out for their family. Then there are those people who don’t accept and keep fighting by praying, looking for other methods of treatments, etc, but that is some cases. I like this comic because it’s not just about superheroes, crime fighting, or jokes but it is the comic that McCloud was talking about. The comics that grab other readers attention that don’t really like superheroes.

Its Only Your Cancer Year!

Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner “Our Cancer Year” was about a man named Harvey who was diagnosed with cancer so to say. Harvey was going to the doctor to have an operation on himself one which he believed was for a hernia. While being treated for his previous illness the doctor suspected something else wrong with Harvey. The doctors had found a very large tumor inside of Harvey buy luckily they scooped it out and stitched him back up. The doctor stated that the tumor was called lymphoma. The doctor ordered Harvey to take a CAT scan. While waiting for his CAT scan results Harvey proceeded to go back continue to move boxes back to his former house. Harvey was more worried about his “baby” Joyce future than himself having cancer. He pondered questions of how will he take care of Joyce if he really does having cancer. While moving Harvey got irritated because people didn’t want him doing things that he normally does just because he may have cancer. Also the carpenter Stephanie might have cancer because her family has a history of it and she found a lump.
I think “Our Cancer Year” was a pretty ok comic. I liked the originality of it even though the art was atrocious. The genre of drama was pretty cool and it really did interest me. It was also short, a method I found missing from previous comics I have read from this semester. One thing I would point out about the comic was that the storyline was everywhere. I mean at the beginning of the comic a character named Tod was featured and he really never appeared throughout the comic again. Also I didn’t see the meaning for the visitors who wanted to check out the house, I feel that was unnecessary. All in all it was ok (at best) but I wouldn’t mind reading the rest of it.

05 April 2010

More to Comics then Superheroes

Our Cancer Year is a comic, a story, a meaningful one at that, written by Joyce Brabner and Harvey Pekar. The comic starts off with a couple that are planning on moving to a new home, during their move they run into a problem. Harvey, the husband had some medical issues causing some concern about cancer. After tests were done a nurse told Joyce, Harvey’s wife, that her husband had cancer, just not in so many words. Further testing would be done but in the mean time this family was faced with dealing with cancer. Not sure how to handle the situation Joyce stressed and looked for answers for all her rising questions. Harvey on the other hand dealt with the situation a little differently; he grew angry, weary, and never talked about what was going on in his head. Joyce talked to friends, consultants, and one lady who put her to ease. The comic was well written and easy to read. Following this comic was not difficult at all, it was written in sequence which allowed the reader to know what was going on at every point. Although the art in the panels was not the greatest, it showed true feeling, and was more meaningful then those comic books with perfect art.
I felt this comic had true meaning, not one about superheroes, or bad guys. It was something that many people deal with on an everyday basis. For many this comic may have helped if they were in the same situation. You never really know what might cross a person’s mind until you read something like this. I really like this comic, it reached me at a more personal level rather than only superhero comics. The art was truly appealing, especially because of the story that went along with it. Not one person that I know of could say this comic had no impact on them.

Live with It...

Our Cancer Year by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Barbnar is an autobiographical comic. The pictures having a flair of their own loking almost messy and not quite done and the text sloppy but put together the comic fit together complimenting each other. The story itself explaining how, Harvey Pekar had found out how he had cancer. Going in for a surgery that the two had thought would be simple but ended up in the discovery of Pekar having had a huge tumor inside of him. With a doctor who barely spends any time with the couple to explain what kind of cancer or even to answer their questions. Pekar gets advice from a nurse who has had cancer but this little knowledge doesn’t help him instead he worries about his wife Joyce Barbnar who would be all alone if he were to die. Barbnar worried about him and his treatment seeking advice from friends and hotlines. Both, Pekar and Barbnar, struggle to get use to living with Pekar’s cancer. Its ends with Barbnar and a carpenter named Stephanie hugging, Barbnar comforting Stephanie because she is scared that she too may have cancer.
I found this reading different because not only was the art weird but the story itself was confusing. The first half is sad and almost depressing but near the end there are a couple of twists. I like that it wasn't what I was expecting it gave the impression that it would be kinda depressing but there were a few jokes. This made it different and unique.

Death Sentence

Cancer is a scaring thing, just the thought sends chills up many peoples spines. So imagine you or someone in your family being diagnosed with cancer. Joyce's brother comes for a visit and Harvey offers him a job moving , but he's goes in for an operation tomorrow and might not be able to lift. The day of the operation Harvey was up two hours before there where suppose to head to the hospital. On the way to the hospital ask her brother to drive because she was tired and Harvey was to nervous. "...What if we get there too late and they have to reschedule us.?, Harvey said with worry." As they drove to the hospital Harvey voiced his worry, so Joyce joked around with him. They arrived forty-five minutes early and he changed and gave his wedding ring to his wife. Not long after Joyce saw Harvey's doctor, and immediately thought something was wrong. Quickly the doctor told her he had bad news, we found a very large tumor in Harvey, but we were able to get it out. He told her he had Lymphoma , a type of cancer then rushed off. As they talked to different nurses they kept telling them to wait until the cat scan to see how mad it was , or if it had spread. Harvey couldnt believe he had cancer he looked healthy, felt healthy, he was in disbelief. When it came moving day Harvey wanted to act like his normal self, so him and Joyce began arguing.
They both did thing that normal people would do if they found this out. He went to see a lawyer to make sure if worse can to worse his wife would be taken care of. His wife Joyce talked to her friends and asked for advice . she even called a cancer hotline to ask questions that she had about cancer. She was able to get alot of her questions answered. when Harvey and Joyce started arguing it was understandable because she was just trying to take care of her husband.

Look on the Bright Side

In the comic, “Our Cancer Year”, several events take place right away. Joyce’s wandering brother, Tod, shows up on her doorstep. Joyce’s husband, Harvey, has to have surgery the following morning for a suspected hernia. During the surgery, the doctor comes out and reveals that he found a large tumor and Harvey needs to be checked for cancer. Harvey has to get a CAT scan to see if the cancer has spread. Harvey seems to be in denial after he gets the bad news. He is more worried about his wife rather than himself and he wants to get a lawyer so that way he can leave everything to Joyce. Ten days later the CAT scan results come in and Harvey receives good news, the cancer hasn’t spread. Harvey and Joyce are in the process of moving and Harvey becomes frustrated because he isn’t able to lift the cinder blocks due to his surgery. Everything ends when Joyce goes to the new house and talks to the carpenter. They talk about their ordeals and end up helping one another cope.

This is not the usual genre comics are viewed as. Normally, readers view comics as being funny or dealing with superheroes. In “Our Cancer Year”, a more serious and realistic issue is brought up. The comic discusses how a man and his wife cope with the husband being diagnosed with cancer. This is something that some families in everyday life have to deal with and are able to relate to Joyce and Harvey. The reactions from Joyce and Harvey are completely different. Harvey seems to give up and is already planning his will to make sure that Joyce gets everything. On the other hand Joyce is there for her husband and is trying to be as supportive as possible.

Harvey and Joyce just got a new house and are moving and needed tods help but he didnt what a greatbrother! as for harvey he has been in fain for alil while so he goes to get a chack up and ends up decided to have an exploratory surgery and when they did they found a tumor in his Lymph nods called lymphoma. so they have the surgery get it removed then set up an appointment with a specialist and run CAT scan and found out the cancer was isolated in only one lymph node and hasn’t spread.ut come to find out alltis hasbeen stressful on both of hem and thy get in arguement. little did they knw cancer was closer than they knew all along be for finding Harveys tumor their electritions wfe had died of cancer and then they became educated on how palution effects us evrey day.

real issues in comics

This comic is about Harvey and his wife Joyce and how they deal with finding out that he has cancer. The comic begins with Joyce’s brother, Tod showing up. Apparently Harvey and Joyce are moving and could have used his help. Harvey has a surgery scheduled and is freaking about it. He gets ready for the surgery two hours before, I suppose he couldn’t sleep anyway at least I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Joyce is the level headed one who is not freaking and in fact makes some sarcastic remarks that are pretty funny. Through it all when he is going in to surgery they’re tenderness for each other is shown. The next panel Tod is giving Harvey a double thumbs up the reaction of someone completely out of the loop and not worried and any way. Time in this comic is a bit easier to understand when the there are little narration boxes at the top. It doesn’t spell out the time like in the first superman issue but relates it to things. On this panel the narration box states that their coffee is still warm when they see the doctor again. The doctor quickly and unclearly breaks the news that Harvey might have cancer then leaves abruptly. This leaves every one depressed or freaking out. When Joyce and Harvey ask for more information the doctor excuses himself in order to work on another patient, or a nurse will offer some well meaning advice, or as in the last case they are both told that there is more cancer or at least that is all they hear. They get home exhausted. Joyce finds that her Harvey is only worried for her sake and in order to protect him from that worry learns not to show that she is worried to. Harvey copes by writing his will and Joyce copes by talking to people. Harvey insists on helping move and when Joyce tries to stop him he wigs out and through bricks all over. Joyce again leaves so he doesn’t have to see her cry. Joyce goes from hiding and crying to cursing and yelling all in her own way of protecting Harvey. They move in to their new house and as they are setting it all up they find out just how much they aren’t alone in this frightening time. The carpenter Stephanie makes a comment that it meaning cancer happens to lots of people but “you just never notice, ‘til it happens to you.” Joyce starts joking around just showing that she has found her way of coping using sarcasm, though she still is very concerned but not just for her situation but for others as well.
The comic “our cancer year” is a story of how people cope with the worst news. The drawings look vary amateurish and not at all leaning towards realism but I found that with all the drawings that the feelings were conveyed better than they could have possibly been if the drawings were realistic. The people and backgrounds are both just simply drawn. The lines are able to convey quite a bit of the emotions the characters have and reaction to the situations they encounter. Something about the lines and the expressions on the characters faces that make you really empathize with want they are gong thorough.
This comic for me just highlighted once again how different women are from men. I can completely understand Joyce and her reactions to the situation. I can understand her desire to put an optimistic light on horrible situations your loved ones are stuck in. that needs to protect others even from knowing you feel so bad that you have to cry. Crying silently so that he doesn’t feel worse then he all ready does. I understand that intense need to protect the people you love. Protecting them even in the middle of your own pain. When Joyce yelled at Slim telling him that he’d be invading their privacy by going in to their apartment I nearly gave her a standing ovation in the middle of my living room which would have been awkward being that my parents had people over. At any rate my point is I understand Joyce and how she reacts all the way down to talking on the phone for hours and protecting Howard even from him and yes even by yelling at him. After doing all she can to protect the person she loves, from him, and from the insensitive stranger, she collapses in to their now bear mattress. I can even understand that sort of exhausted.
But Howard from the vary beginning I don’t get. Well that’s not exactly true after all I’d be nervous as well if somebody was going to cut me open and scoop out stuff from inside of me. My nervousness would probably result in me sleeping in not getting up early though. I suppose I’d fell just as defeated as he looks in panel four of page five. I suppose I understand everything except writing a will and throwing cinder bricks around but it’s probably just a coping disconnect not just a gender one. However I have to admit I don’t know how I’d react if I found out that I had cancer. Though I’d have to say my initial reaction would probably make tossing a couple of cinder bricks around look tame. Especially with a doctor like that way.

the shocking view of life

Harvey and Joyce are a very happily married couple. Who just got a new house. And while at there new house Harvey was experiencing some pain and discomfort so he went to the doctor and they decided to have an exploratory surgery and when they did they found a tumor in his Lymph nods called lymphoma so the doctor pulls it out. Then after Harvey and wife figure out what the doctor found they freak out they have no idea what to do. But then she figures out that she needs to help Harvey feel better so she and some others try and give Harvey some comfort. Then after a while they talk and try to think what there going to as well as with there future. So the set up an appointment with a specialist and run CAT scan and found out the cancer was isolated in only one lymph node and hasn’t spread. After words they couple went back home and sprang into an argument. Soon things were getting messed up. And the landlord came by and he wasn’t aloud in. a few days later Joyce was talking to their electrician and found out that his wife died of cancer. And the causes and how pollution affects everyone then Joyce decides to make changes and live healthier.

The story was cool it’s a different perspective I have never known anyone personally that has cancer so I cant even fathom what it would be like to find out you or someone you love has it. it can just show you how things change so quick and not every day is guaranteed.

04 April 2010

Our Cancer Tears

Our Cancer Year starts out with Harvey and Joyce as a couple. Harvey decides to go to the doctor for an operation. Come to find out the doctor finds a tumor in Harvey. Stunned by the news Joyce and Harvey dont know how to act, but the doctor tells Harvey that his sense of humor will help him through this ordeal. As both sit in the hospital they ask questions trying to find out all they can about Harvey's cancer. In the days waiting for Harvey's CAT scan they both make calls to people on how to cope with cancer. Finally his CAT scan results come in and according to the doctor they are good and the cancer hasn't began to spread. While Harvey is on sick leave he helps Joyce move some stuff out of the apartment but as Joyce tries to tell him to stop lifting heavy objects after surgery, Harvey begins to throw stuff all over the apartment. This causes Joyce and the landlord to argue because she does'nt want them to inspect the apartment at the time because her and Harvey are arguing. As Joyce meets up with the carpenter, the they begin talking about cancer and how it runs through the carpenter's family. Joyce then finds out that the electrician's wife has just died of cancer but says to not tell Harvey to keep his moral up. In the end Joyce decides to accept the fact that cancer is a part of many people's lives, including her Harvey, and decides to help him relax with stuff he likes in the meantime.

This comic was a little different. It had a more real everyday life aspect to it becasue it talked about what can happen to a family at any time. It didn't have colorful superheroes or a humerous story to it. It was kind of random but any reader can see how cancer effects people's lives in every aspect.