13 April 2010

Sad Reality

Muas, by Art Spiegelman, is an interesting comic that starts off with a mouse named Artie skating to the school yard with a few of his friends. When his skate breaks he ends up falling behind and then goes home. After arriving home his father talks to him and asks him for some help with his work. The comic skips ahead a few years, after Artie is already married. He is awoken one morning by a phone call and is disturbed, no only by the phone call, but because his dad wants his help working and he doesn’t want to help. After feeling guilty, Artie decided to give his father a visit and realizes that a comic he had written a few years back was found and his father read it. His father was brought back to old memories and seemed hurt. The comic was about Artie’s real mother and how she committed suicide. Artie and his father go to the bank and on their way his father tells him how Jews were pretty much treated like crap. He explained to Artie what happened during the Holocaust, they worked ridiculously hard and only went be Ids, not names. He explains to his son that times were difficult and there was nothing he could do about it.
I thought this was a sad comic because it truly showed what people have gone through in the past, and even though its written in comic form it still hit’s the heart. It’s an easier way to learn about the past and makes you think about everything you have. I really liked it. It was kind of hard to get used to the way it was written but after awhile it got easier.


What is unique about this comic is that the characters are mice. Artie, a mouse, has a dilemma with his father. The dilemma he has is something he holds onto from when he was a child. As a child, he felt like his father always wanted to prove him wrong. It could be assumed from the conversation between Artie and his stepmother, Mala, that Artie’s father has an obsession with wanting to fix things. Artie’s father seems to push him away at times. Mala tells Artie that she thinks his father might be upset about his comic strip “Prisoner on Hell Planet.” In “Prisoner on Hell Planet,” Artie’s mother dies of suicide and he feels guilty about it. Artie’s comic was upsetting to some people because it was his own personal story based on his mother. The comic brought pain to Artie’s father because it only brought back memories of his first wife. On the way to the bank, Artie’s father discusses his experience in Srodula in 1943, a concentration camp. In the camp it came to a point that the children had to be given away for it was probably the best choice for them at the time. Another scenario that happened at the camp was that a jewish mother killed herself and her children because she refused to go to Auschwitz. Artie’s father survived Auschwitz by creating a hole from the kitchen to the cellar. He called the safe area to hide a “bunker.” Eventually he and his buddies got caught. They moved to another area where he found his love, Anga, and they both survived together. Artie’s father finishes telling the story. Artie and his father then go to the bank to get a key to a safe box. Artie’s father gave a key to his son. Inside the box were items from Srodula, and again he experiences painful memories of his first wife.
I thought it was funny that the mouse had briefs on. I also found interesting that the narrator in “Prisoner on Hell Planet” appeared like he was taking a mug shot. Could this symbolic? Was there a reason why when the guy was told about his mother’s death, he was already in a prison outfit? I am not sure if the drawings were bad or what they were, but the Nazis looked like pigs when Artie’s father was telling the story.

iron giant blogg

Iron Giant is a heartwarming movie. A boy named Hogarth meets an iron giant robot from space. Hogarth becomes friends with the giant. Hogarth also protects the giant from being exposed by the government. During the time of the movie, the people had a fear of bombing in the United States. Hogarth gets help protecting the robot from a junkyard man named Dean. Dean lives at a junkyard filled with metal scraps that he uses for art. Dean, Hogarth, and the robot have fun together. There was a scene where they all went to the lake and the robot made a huge cannon ball in the lake. The robot tries to act as human as possible. He tries to talk and on an emotional level, he manages to understand violence and death. His understanding of death and violence is important in the movie. Later in the movie the U.S. government finds the robot. They do not understand that the robot is not a threat to people until they try to destroy him with weapons. Weapons trigger the robot to become another type of robot that causes him to be violent. The U.S. government finally realizes that the robot is not a threat, but the antagonist, Kent Mansly and sets on destroying the robot anyway. At his own ignorant mistake, he orders for the area that he is in to be bombed. The robot offers to stop the bomb which causes him to destroy himself and becoming a hero.
I thought it was cool when Hogarth was going to read comics to the robot. He showed comics that I was familiar with such as Action Comics. It looked like the real comic and it was not “cheesy” looking. Hogarth, throughout the movie, constantly said “you are what you choose to be.” It stuck to me and I felt like it had a moral meaning to it. I hope we are able to discuss that quote in class.

A Little Less for Kids And More for Parents

Hoghath Hughes is the main character in the movie “Iron Giant”, next to the actual giant. Hogarth is a curious boy that is constantly looking for something to keep entertained. Walking in to the restaurant with a shoe box where his mother works, Hogarth tries and tries to get the approval to keep the pet he’s got hidden inside. He convinces his mother to at least look at the animal but when he opens the box Hogarth realizes the animal is gone. Running lose in the restaurant Hogarth searches frantically, realizing the squirrel has made its way up Dean McCoppen’s pant leg. From the beginning Hogarth tends to be everywhere he’s not supposed to be. Shortly after the restaurant incident Hogarth finds himself home alone watching scary movies. When the cable goes out he ventures out on to the roof to fix the problem and realizes that the antennas are missing and that there is a huge trail of smashed trees leading through the woods. Brave little Hogarth decides to find out what’s going on. When he gets to the end of the trail, which is at an electrical plant, he sees a huge metal robot caught in the electrical wires. He shuts the power off and the robot falls to the ground. In a rush to tell his mom what happened meets up with her and rambles on and on about the 100 foot metal robot. Thinking it is all in hi s head she persists that they go back home. The following day he goes back to where he saw the robot and takes a piece of tin and his camera. He waits for the giant and after awhile he falls asleep. Finally he meets the metal giant and teaches him how to talk. The first word the robot learns is “rock”. Hogarth and the robot become friends and do things most would never dream of doing. When Hogarth learns that people are out to get this “Iron Giant” he decides that he must find somewhere to hide his friend. The robot only eats metal and is hungry so when they see Dean, the owner of the junk yard, Hogarth knows exactly where the robot should hide. After having a hard time convincing Dean to let the robot stays he is successful. Days pass and Hogarth, Dean, and the Iron Giant have fun swimming, playing in the junk yard, and making art. The fun is continued until the day that Kent Mansley had everyone , including the military, looking for this huge robot. Hogarth and Dean hid the robot so the military decides to leave but as they are on their way out of town they see the robot and proceed to attach. As shots are being fired at the robot he turn evil and is out to get them. Having no way of stopping the Iron Giant, the military give the ok to fire the bomb, which will kill the whole town. Hogarth is finally able to talk to his friend, the robot, and calm him down. He explains what is going to happen and even though the robot knows that everyone was trying to kill him, he chooses to fly into the sky and stop the bomb, which kills him. In the end the robot turns out to be alive somewhere in the world.
I think this was a great movie and even though it seems to be just for little kids I think it is one movie that can reach adults. It has a lot of meaning and relates to comics in several ways. It is a cartoon, like comic books, in the movie comic books are used to help tell the story of good and evil. Although comics have several bad villains, not all comics are like that and this movie proves this. By allowing the viewer to see how the Iron Giant choose to do the good thing instead of the bad shows that comics played a big role. He chose to be like Superman and help rather than be like the evil robot in the comic book. This was a great movie and I would watch it again if I got the chance.

last but not least...

Maus by Art Speigalman was a unique form of comics because it was an autobiography of the author’s parent who had been a part of the worst worlds. The German’s disguised as cats and the Jewish people disguised as mice. Starting off with a memory about his childhood days running through the Rego Park in New York, Artie was racing with two of his friends. He tripped and his friends ran off without him so he went crying to his dad who was working outside. Seeming almost like a dream he was awoken by a phone call from his father’s second wife on the brink of hysteria claiming his father was climbing up the roof and had gotten dizzy. Instead of rushing to his father’s aide he stays home and rather feels the guilt later. Getting help from his neighbor his father turns away some of the help his son offers. Then asking his father’s second wife why his father is indifferent and she had explained how his father had found a comic he hadn’t written a long time ago about his mother. This comic is totally different because the people actually look like humans but there’s a sort of dark tone to the drawings. It explained how Artie had lost his mother and how he and his father took it. After hearing this explanation from his stepmother, his mother returns and father and son walk to the bank. During the walk there his father talks about his life in Sosnowiec which he was forced out of to live in a small village called Srodula. There his life is full of fear of the German army who detested his race. So he spent his younger years sneaking around with his wife trying to hide. Usually buying their way out of trouble with trinkets made of gold and had diamonds. Artie wrote alongside his father the incredible horrific journey he had to endure in his days. Ending with his father sharing what he kept in a safe box at the bank which contained a couple of trinkets worth a lot of money. This he hid from his second wife and then crying out to his son asking him why he got remarried and saying his first wife’s name “Anja”, Artie trying to get his father on his feet and home.

This is just a chapter of the book MAUS but a good one. With his father retelling the events that took place in his life during world war two which had brought much pain to his father and others he knew. I liked that the illustrator did something different by making all Jewish people into mice and all Germen people into cats. But they had also included another comic that the author had written a long time ago but this was also in a different style neither were the same. It was an interesting chapter of the book MAUS and I’d be interested in reading the rest.

A Little Game of Cat and Maus

In Chapter 4 of Maus A Survivor's Tale Artie learns a lesson on friendship, thanks to his fathers sarcastic remarks. He was roller skating with his friends when his skate broke and they left him behind. As he returned home crying his father told him, if you want to see true friends, lock them in a room for a week and see what they do for food. In Chapter 5 Artie is awoken by a call from Mala due to his fathers stubborn, hard headed ways on repairing daily things. He refuses to take into consideration his fathers needs only to brush them off and concentrate on his own. Becoming frustrated with his father and his fathers needs to "fix" things. Upon returning to his fathers home in upstate New York, a week later, he comes to find a distrought and upset dad, at in fact his sons actions and previous writtings from a comic "The Prisoner on Planet Hell", the comic Artie wrote on his mothers actions of suicide. As the strip progressed, Artie happens to learn some information on his father that he was unaware of. Vladek, Arties Father, was a survivor of the Natzi invasion. Vladek was in fact forced to live in the ghetto, and survive on literally nothing. Vladek also informed Artie of a previous son, that he had to send off to one of his friends for safe keeping, hoping to give his son a chance at life, only to later find out that his son was dead.
I enjoyed this comic. I really liked the metaphor used with using mice as the jews and cats as the Nazi's. I think that this made me pay more attention and listen to the story better. Kind of like in McCloud's book Understanding Comics when he askes the reader if they would listen to him if his drawing looked realistic as compared to his comic simpler version. The way they used the animals made the story more creative and fun to read. Overall this was a good comic and is a great example of another interesting far fetched type of comic.

I Survived The Reading Of This Tale

Maus was by Art Spiegelman and it was about his father telling him about the lives of Jews during the Holocaust. The characters in the story were portrayed as mouse instead of humans. Spiegelman built up the telling about the Holocaust and Jews by starting the telling of with Artie and his usual life. Artie’s father just loves fixing things and he had called Artie to help him fix the drain pipe. Artie refused and later on Artie went to see his father who was kind of in a bad mood. Artie found out his fathered had found his comic about the death of his wife and Artie’s mother. Artie thought his father was upset by the comic but he wasn’t he was glad Artie got it off his chest and just tormented by the memories of her. Vladek went on to tell Artie about how during the Holocaust Jews had to wear yellow stars and id numbers just so they can be recognized as Jews. Vladek also explained how they were worked all day everyday and how he tried to run away and hide in people attic. But they did get caught and returned back the previous place.
Maus for me was boring and irritating. Reading these made me rethink of all the horrible things I heard and read about the Holocaust. It was sad for Jewish people back then and I if I were Jew I wouldn’t want to hear about the Holocaust anymore its over and done with. The language was also very weird at times as they would twist their words up different then I would say that also made it kind of hard to follow along for me.

12 April 2010

a kind of gaint every kid should have ya boiiiiiii

The movie the Iron Giant is about a giant that fell out of the sky from outer space in to the ocean. An old man witnesses the giant falling into the ocean and goes and spread the word to the town. The town thinks he is a crazy old man all except this young boy named Hogarth Hughes. Hogarth Hughes in excitement goes to the forest to look for the masteries jolly green giant haha. He takes his little rifle to hut for the giant. Hogarth encounters the giant going to eat the power plant. The giant try’s to eat it and gets shocked and Hogarth saves him, but Hogarth doesn’t notice that the giant noticed that he saved him. The next day Hogarth takes a sheet of metal so he can bait it in, but wheal he is wait like a typical kid falls asleep and the giant takes it. He wakes up and the giant is there waiting, Hogarth is scared at first but then he notices that the giant is friendly. He starts to play it it and like the feeling of having his own robot. Hogarth is smart though he knows not to go show the town because he knows they will freak out so he hides the robot in his barn. Through the next couple of days a man U.S. Government agent named Kent Mansley comes to town looking for the so called giant. Kent well investigating finds that things are getting destroyed so he knows that something is up. Well Kent is at the power plant he finds Hogarth’s gun and starts to ask him about what he seen. Hogarth knows not to tell Kent anything because he knows that he will try to kill the giant. Hogarth has fun with his giant until he brings out is toy gun. The giant defense devices kick in and he goes into attack mode. The giant in filling bad that he almost hurt Hogarth runs away from him and gets close to the city. The giant see to boys falling from a building and saves him. The town finally sees him and they see that he saved the boys, but Kent that had just been humiliated saying to the arm that there was a giant sees him in the city and says that he is acting it well the military is leaving the city. The military turns around and starts to attack the giant and once again the giant’s defense mechanism kicks in and starts to attack back. Kent after Hogarth stops the giant from attacking sends in an Atomic bomb to kill it, but for gets that it will kill the whole town. The giant to show that he is like superman sacrifices himself to protect the city.

I like the movie a lot I wish I could have my own robot so I can have the fun like Hogarth had. I liked how the movie portrayed that what makes a superhero is not from his past mistakes but what he chooses to do in the end. It’s not what he was meant to be it’s what he chooses to be.

The Adventures of Maus

The adventures of Maus start off as a short narrative. A boy named Artie is skating with some buddies and his skates break. His friends leave him behind and Artie goes crying to his dad. Arite’s dad doesn’t give him any sympathy and complains because Arite isn’t holding the board right.

Years later at 7:30 in the morning Artie receives a call from his mother. She is complaining saying that his dad is trying to fix everything and he is too old. Artie’s dad was on the roof and got really dizzy and the mom was barely able to get him down. Artie doesn’t want to go drain the pipe and tells his dad to call a repairman. Finally, Artie decides to go visit his dad and his dad seems to be in a bad mood and Artie can’t figure out why. Artie asks Mala and she says something about his dad seeing a comic strip that Artie made when he was younger. In the comic, a boy named Arthur has a mental illness. One day Arthur’s dad comes home and finds his wife in the tub with her wrists cut and she consumed a lot of pills. Everybody blames Arthur for his mother’s death and he becomes consumed with guilt. Back in real life, Artie’s father explains that the comic took him back to the past. Artie’s mother did in fact commit suicide when he was younger. While walking to the bank, Artie’s dad starts talking about the past and how horrible Jews were treated. Artie’s father finds a place to hide in family in order to protect them from the horrible things that are happening. At the bank Artie’s father gives him a key so that way Artie has access to the money in case anything bad happens again.

This is a sad story and is a completely different genre type when it comes to comics. Unfortunately, this comic does have to deal with real life. Jews did face some hardships everyday and had to fight for their survival. This comic allows the readers to see exactly how Jews were treated and how even today people are affected by these tragic past events.

The Iron Giant

In the movie, The Iron Giant, a huge giant crashes on Earth and nobody knows where it came from. Very few people have actually seen the giant with their own eyes.

One day in a café, a young boy named Hogarth overhears fishermen talking about the iron giant. Hogarth instantly becomes fascinated with this mysterious thing. Later that night, Hogarth is watching scary movies and eating junk food. Well, the televison suddenly goes out and Hogarts goes on top of the roof to figure out what is wrong. The entire antenna is missing and all that is left is a trail of large footprints. Curious, Hogarth follows the footprints to the power plant. There he finds the iron giant stuck in the power lines. Hogarth turns off the power and little does he know, the iron giant saw Hogarth turn the power off.

The next day, Hogarth returns to the forrest with his camera to look for th iron giant. He finds the giant and the giant reveals the power switch and that he saw Hogarth turn the power off. Hogarth decides to ask a man named Drew if he can hide the iron giant in the junkyard. Drew agrees and the junkyard becomes the giants new home. Back home, Hogarth’s mom rented the extra room to a man named, Mr.Mansley, he works for the government and is investigating the iron giant. Mr. Mansley keeps bugging Hogarth about the gian. Hogarth finally admits that the iron giant is in the junkyard after Mr.Mansley threatens Hogarth’s mom. The army shows up and the giant turns out to be a huge piece of art that Dean created.

Everything turns sour one day when Hogarth is playing with the iron giant and he points a fake gun at the giant. This causes the iron giant to react in self defense and he shoots at Hogarth. Dean sees this and yells at the giant who runs away. The iron giant goes to a town and the army sees him and thinks that the giant is attacking the town. In the end, Mr.Mansley orders the missle to be launched which will kill everybody in the town. The iron giant has been fighting whether to use his powers for good and evil. In the end, he chooses to use them for good. He flies up and crashes into the missle. Sacrificing himself in order to save the town.

Normally, while watching movies especially cartoon we don’t think about the historical meaning behind the movie. The first time I watched this movie, I was young so I didn’t know anything about history at the time. Even watching The Iron Giant this time I didn’t think that it had any historical meaning until Mr. Villarreal went into further explanation. Now I know that the movie connects to the events that were going on with comics in the 1950s.

Morals Conquer All !

Hogarth, a young boy playing in the woods and sees a giant robot drop out the sky. First he's a little shock and frightened and he takes some photos. when he goes home he tries to tell his mom about what he saw, but she doesn't believe him. So the next day he goes and finds the giant and ends up befriending him because the giant understands him. He spends a whole day trying to explain things to the iron giant. Then when it's time for him to god home the giant follows him home and he says, "no! stay don't follow me." But the giant does anyway, he ends up causing a train wreck and someone sees him. Theirs already a man from the army looking for him, so this throws him onto his trail. The man from the army thinks Hogarth knows something the iron giant, so he moves into the spare room of him and his mothers house. Hogarth finds a place for the giant to stay, the scrap metal junk yard. at first the owner is against it, but then he eventually comes around. the army guy begins following Hogarth everywhere, then he finds his camera with a picture of the giant in it. That's all the evidence he needs to get his commander to get a team of the army out there to try and destroy it. So the next day the army gets there and goes to the junk yard, but they had made the iron robot look like a scrap statue, so the commander thought it was all just a hoax. As the army was leaving they saw the giant in a town so they turn around and tried to destroy it. He only acts defensively so he became very angry and started attacking the army back. Hogarth was able to calm him down, but by this time there was already a mussel aiming for the town. So the giant had to decide to either let everyone and the town die or sacrifice himself like a true hero. He then tells Hogarth, "no! stay don't follow me." Then he flew up and crashed into the mussel and the town saved.
If Hogarth had never taught the giant morals then the town would have never been saved. They would have already been destroyed by the giant. Hogarth taught him how to be like an ideal superhero, Superman. How to be good, and save people in need of help and save the day. the Iron Giant learned just because he was made to be a gun doesn't mean he has to be, he can choose what he wants to be, and at the end he chose to be good and save the town. He could have chose to use his guns for bad the the Metal Menace. He began to develop feelings, a heart, a soul when he saw what guns did to the deer, he was very sad.


The movie Unbreakable was a good movie it was alil diffrent plot n twist because u have one person who beleavs so much in comic book heros and theroy's he actuly beleaves so much that he creates large tragedys around the world such as train crashes mud slides and airplain crashes. all of these catastrophy are planned to findone man this man is soposed to be the oppasite of another man which his name is mr glass he has a bone defincy wich allows his bones to break easily. so the oppositperson to hm would b the equivalent to a super hero in this case so the man he finds actuly kinda knws he is diffrent but is ignoreing the facts and sighns given to him such as he never gets sick or hurt or the fact that he can forsee things pictures or even images that has happend. so mr glass find him and trys to explain what his theroy is but at the cost of 2 to 300 incent people.
Maus is a comic book story that talks about Artie’s life as a child. Artie was out skateboarding with some friends when he suddenly fell and they all left him laughing. Artie was very hurt and soon he was confronted by his father on why he was crying. Artie’s father brought forth to him that they aren’t his real friends since they laugh at him and left him. Later on in chapter 5 Artie was awaken by a phone call by Mala saying that Artie’s Dad is trying to get back on the roof even though he became dizzy the first time. Artie becomes upset because he has to go help his father with the roof, so he calls and gives him an excuse. It seems like Artie’s father is upset because he always counted on his son’s help when he was younger now it seems like Artie doesn’t even care anymore which Artie explains to his wife in the beginning of chapter 5, but it Artie’s father is upset really by the comic strip Artie drew up years ago that he didn’t tell him about. When Artie was 20years of age his mother killed herself by slicing her wrist and downing a bottle of pills. Artie felt guilty for not going home right away when he got out of the mental hospital. Artie’s father thought that the comic book was good. It also seems that Artie’s dad new girlfriend is very jealous of the dad’s memories of his ex-wife. Artie and his father walked to the bank and the father began to tell his son about the tragic events he witnessed in Auschwitz which was the worst and most gruesome concentration camps during the holocaust. The story was very interesting because most of the events that were explained I went over in English class my 10 grade year.
Unbreakable modern superhero movie with an old school

In the beginning of Unbreakable the young Elijah was born. During childbirth Elijah broke his arms and legs due to a disorder that hinders him from making a protein vital to keeping bones strong. In the next scene David Dunn is riding a train and sees a beautiful sports manager whom is looking for a seat. While she spots his seat he slides off his wedding ring. David than starts flirting with the sports manager and she tells him that she is married and move to a different seat. Soon after she leaves a scratching sounds comes off the train and the screen turns black. Than an image of a doctor working on a patient comes into focus and the voice of the doctor along with the background noise starts is heard. The doctor tells David that he is soon to be the lone survivor of the train accident. David came out of the accident without a scratch. After going to the funeral of all the victims from the crash David finds a letter. A while later David and his son Joseph goes to the art dealers store. In the store Elijah brings up question of David’s childhood wondering if his suspicions of the possibility that someone might have the exact opposite of his disorder. One who might be almost indestructible. As it goes when Elijah was a child he was afraid of leaving his home because it was easy for his bones to break. His mother eventually got him out by giving him comic book with one catch. Elijah had to go outside to get these comic books. While asking if David ever remembered being sick or getting hurt David tells Joseph to go throw some trash away. After Joseph leaves David tells Elijah that he knows it’s a scam and that and that he got hurt in college which made him unable to play football. Later in the movie David is working and a man runs into him. David instantly sees a vision of the man pulling drugs out of the trashcan in the men’s room. Not too long after David searching the man the dispatcher calls in and tells David that his sons sick. While at the nurses station at the school the nurse tells David the story of how he nearly drowned. That night Joseph pulls out a gun and wants to shoot David and prove Elijah’s theory. David than tells Elijah that he doesn’t want him around his family and that they should cease contact. After thinking about it Elijah discovers that water is David’s kryptonite. He tells him what he should do next and then he follows Elijah’s advice. David does so and rescues a couple of sisters whose parents were killed. The next day David goes to visit Elijah and discuss the events that unfolded. After discussing the event Elijah congratulates divide with a handshake. During the handshake David receives a vision of Elijah at three different accidents. It turns out that the accidents were not accidents Elijah set up all the attacks. Elijah confesses to him and tells him that they were opposites and that it was only natural that they become each others nemesis. Before the credits text comes out stating that David turned Elijah in to the police.
Unbreakable was a great comic book movie. This story will shock you with the surprise ending. Throughout the entire movie, although there are several hints referring to Elijah being the bad guy, you would never guess that Elijah would be the bad guy. Which makes sense because a lot of villains are friends with the superhero bringing an interesting storyline.

Maus and Me

The reading of Maus begins with a small account of the narrator as a child. His friends ditch him and he cries to his dad. His dad makes a strange comment of which the narrator as a child only under stands to mean “some friends” and “oh, (mocking pity tone) man up and hold this board right while I cut it.” The story skips ahead to the father calling the son for help. The narrator doesn’t want to go and he gets and attitude from his dad that continues when he goes to visit. When he asks his step-mother about it, he finds out the reason for his fathers attitude is a comic book he wrote about his mother’s death. Here the readers see part of the comic about when his mother died. The comic from this sample is very intense and vary impressionistic. When he sees his father again the narrator confronts him asking about the comic book explaining that it was accurate to what he was feeling at the time. This is what starts his father talking about what he went through during the holocaust. The father tells the son about the ghettos, hiding places, getting caught, bribing to be rescued, working for a cousin in a boot soling factory, hiding out until the Germans left the ghetto, ending in the father and mother walking around with nowhere to go. They get to the bank and a second key for his safety deposit box so the son will have the key incase anything happens to him. Then a little blurb about how horrible his new wife is.
The narrator’s mothers suicide and all the hart rending emotion that was very well communicated through the expressionism of “Prisoner on Planet Hell” was difficult to get through. The holocaust part was difficult. By difficult in both sentences I mean I read it and then for the rest of the day I couldn’t get it out of my head. I empathized to the point that it haunted me. So it was difficult. I’d like to take credit for getting through that mess of emotions by myself but that’s not the truth. If I didn’t pray to the God I serve to help me I’d still be dealing with it and probably not dealing with it very well. After getting the help I needed I was able to step back from it and look at other things the comic deals with. The father is constantly picking up trash and saying that it is useful. In his own words “why you always want to be buying things you can just find?” That’s his generation’s attitude not just a survivor’s attitude. My grandmother is like that to she has a basement full of boxes that are full of scraps of fabric because it can be used for something. She was not in Germany during the holocaust but she did grow up in the depression. Either it is something everyone who’s been through very hard or traumatic time’s dose or the generations after is just more of a consumer. But the first seems to make more since now that I think about it. The more insecure a person feels the less likely to spend money after all they don’t know when they’re really going to need it. Perhaps that generation was just marked with that insecurity that external sighs are that need to save every penny and recycle useable trash. Our attitude is, if you can afford it just go buy it, and if you can’t afford it that’s what credit cards are for duh. So they may have been insecure or they just might have been smarter.
Ok now this is just a personal beef but when the narrator is talking to his step mother about “the Prisoner on Planet Hell” and he says he was being entirely objective. OBJECTIVE. Seriously I would have screamed and thrown myself on the floor after reading that but My sister and myself were stranded on the side of the highway and it’s just a bad idea to through yourself on the asphalt of a highway no matter how your feeling. But seriously how can you write objectively about the death of your mother even if she died of natural causes and you were there and she was at complete peace with it all. You can’t write about that objectively how much more so you not write objectively about the way his mother died can. Then again it may be another one of those girl things because it’s difficult to separate my emotions from anything I write. This response could very well be an example of that fact.

Spiegelman Splats

In the reading Maus: A survivor’s tale by Art Spiegelman is was about the Art’s father explaining his story about how the Jews were treated during the Holocaust. Vladek was a prisoner from the Holocaust and Artie is trying to understand his father. Vladek came across a comic strip that Artie made when he was a little younger and it was about his father whose mother committed suicide and left him all alone. The sense of abandonment was difficult for him to understand and continue his life. He has suffered alone because he was in the State Mental Hospital for 3 years and then was out with his girlfriend, but came home late. Artie’s father was taken the news horribly because the death of his wife was such a hard thing to take in. The Jews were worked every day for long hours without breaks and food because they were never the time of day. During Vladek’s stay the Jews were forced to were yellow stars on their person and present identification numbers to show who they were. Vladek experienced the worst of his kind and before they were caught, they were helped by two people and hide them upstairs in an attic behind a bookcase.

The story was very interesting to me because it kind of a personal effect and brought back how horrible the world. Jews suffered a lot and the world coming to terms with the racism happening in everyday life and still continues. I thought that people treated everyone equally without any differences due to who they were. The Holocaust was a horrible event that took place in the world, but should not continue based on what has happened. However, the world continues to show no remorse for tragic events, but will always one side more than the other. People should learn from their mistakes, but continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. I think that people would snap out of their little fantasy and realize that what people have done to us is no better than what we have done to them in order to maintain a higher stance. I feel that if the world does not change or manage to take that chance, the world that we know is going to end by all things: humans.

Unbreaking Unbreakable

Unbreakable was a very interesting movie in which we watched in class Wednesday afternoon was a mind blowing movie. The movie dealt with comics while a concentration good versus evil in different formats. A man by the name of David is involved in train wreck in which he was the only survivor. He is left unharmed; no broken bones or a scratch. He is a security guard at a local University and does not seem to enjoy is life. However, there is another guy who is the complete opposite of David. His name is Elijah, and was born with both his legs and arms broken. However, he was to be a very fragile person who children called Mr. Glass. He was so fragile that a little kick or flick possibly could break one of his bones. Elijah owns a comic store in which he sells it to collectors who enjoy his work. However, David and Elijah meet one another and Elijah starts questioning David’s ability of what kind of person he is. But at the end of the movie, Elijah finds himself to be the evil person because he was the person who caused three major disasters to happen around their area. David and Elijah are opposite from each other and realize that Elijah’s place in the world was to balance the good in David.

I thought the movie was very good because it took on a new perspective on what good and evil represent in the movie. The movie held my attention that whole time because I was not expecting the ending to be that good and twisted. The motivation behind the movie was different because usually when a suspense movie is made you could already tell how the movie is going to end and which who ends being killed, bad guy, or who gets into trouble. However, with Unbreakable, that was the complete opposite. The evil is shown at the end of the movie and how he came to be bad. Many movies do not go back to explain the concept of good and evil. I enjoyed not knowing how the movie was going to end and how the suspense was built up until at the end it finally explained the challenges both parties were faced with.


Maus is a comic that starts off with a story of arties childhood. He goes to skate with some buddys but falls and gets messed up and his friends leave him! While laughing and making fun of him. His father asks him to help him and then sees that artie is crying and asks what happened. And then he tells him. Ring ring the phone rings and artie picks it up its mala, who is telling him that his father is fixing everything and he is too old to do that so he thought it would be great for his son to help drain a pipe. Artie doesn’t want to go and tells him to call a repairman. Then Artie goes to visit his dad and asks him what hes doing and his dad remarks sarcastically with jobs I can do easily myself. Artie thinks that he did something wrong and asks mala. But mala says it probably that he read an comic and it makes him think hes the reason his wife committed suicide. Artie talks to his dad and figures out what happened and that he read it and cried and that he wanted to get it out of his system. Then they walk to the bank and Artie and his dad talk about WWII and how bad and disgusting it was and also about Arties mom as well as all the memories and bad things that happened.

This story is kind of sad I know if my mom died like that id be broken, its just so real and dishearting what happened in WWII.

11 April 2010

Unbreakable... Good Movie

Unbreakable is the story about a security guard named David Dunn (Bruce Willis) who’s coming home from work and a train he is on derails and crash. 131 die, one survives (David), but he has no injuries not even a cut. Before that he’s a big time college football player that is supposed to have a promising future. He’s dating his girlfriend that is a cheerleader and they are in a bad car accident she gets hurt pretty bad but once again David is perfectly fine; he fakes an injury to be with his girl, later future wife. Later on, a comic book specialist named Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) contacts him to confront David with a theory: Elijah, who has been nicknamed "Mr. Glass" because he has fragile bones, thinks that David has got all which he himself lacks. He starts to find things or remember things out of his pass after he has this talk with Elijah. David has never been sick or physically hurt, and his strength exceeds more than he ever knew. After spending time trying not to believe in what Elijah was telling him David started to take his gift to help others. He has another gift that when he touches people he can see wrongs they committed out there pass. He finds this guy that killed this man and his wife but still has the kids at their home, so he follows the man to the house and saves the kids. He goes to see Elijah later and for the first time he shakes his hand. He saw that all those big “accidents” over the past few years were set up by Mr. Glass. Elijah thinks he had to do everything he did to find David; he felt that in his heart that there was more to the reason of his body being the way it is but in doing so he found that his role in this story was the villain because he’s the opposite of everything David is.
I like this movie a lot, it’s not about capes and tights but normal people that have crazy abilities but don’t want to admit it because it doesn’t seem possible until you add up all the facts. I also like how they didn’t over do it; they could have made David super strong but it would seem as if they were playing off superman’s strengths and it would go back to the men in tights thing about superheroes. David was strong but he was a man before super hero that’s why he faked his injury for the love of his life but he also went to save those kids without weapons or help.


Unbreakable is a movie stared by Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. The plot is a man who is unbreakable like superman (Bruce Willis). He is a real life Superhero that just doesn’t know it. Willis is in a series of disasters and is never harmed. Always untouched, and he has never been sick before. This man notices this Samuel L. Jackson and pursues him to tell him that he thinks he could possibly be a like a superhero out of a comic. Jackson has a long history of not being like a normal person when he was a baby he had a disease that made his bones very weak. And as a child he was called Mr. Glass because he would break his bones like glass. So this is why he takes so much of an interest in Willis as he believes that since he is so weak that there has to be some one else like him just at the opposite end. So Jackson starts contacting Willis and asks him all these questions trying to get him to understand what he is. but Willis wants nothing to do with it and ignores it. Then one day out of nowhere willis figures out that he is. and goes to find out for sure. He went to a place with a lot of people and touched them so he could see if they were bad. The person he touched was a murder and took over someones house. So he followed him. And found out what he saw was true and killed the man and saved his children. Then he went to tell Jackson that he was right. And that’s when the twist happens. He shakes his hand and figures out that Jackson was a terriost that was doing all of these things to try and find a superman and he did. But he did so by killing thousands of people.

I really liked this movie it was a crazy ending I had no idea that Mr. Glass would end up doing that I thought he would end up being a kind of sidekick or something like that. I wish their was a sequel.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

The movie “Iron Giant” was about young boy named Hogarth Hughes who befriended a giant “metal man” as they referred to him in the movie. Hogarth found the giant at an electrical field trying to eat the metal that was there, but the giant had got himself into some trouble when he got tangled up in the wires and started to get electrocuted. Hogarth came to the rescue as he shut the plant off and saved the giant. The next day Hogarth went to see the giant and brought him some food (metal). The giant had been eating people property within the town even a detective’s car. The giant became friends with Hogarth because he remembered that Hogarth saved him. Hogarth had to hide the giant because he felt the town was not ready to embrace the giant and there was a detective looking for the giant to destroy it. Eventually Hogarth found a place to stash the giant at a metal scrap yard that he way he would have a shelter and all the food he can eat. While at home Hogarth had to live with the detective who was trying to find Hogarth as he rented the extra room Hogarth’s mom had open. The detective was on to Hogarth knowing where the giant was as a picture revealed the giant behind Hogarth. The detective had called his general to inform him that the giant was real and present in the town but his chief did not believe him. But the chief did come to the town and after squeezing the information out of Hogarth they proceeded to the scrap yard to eliminate the giant. The giant was well hidden under metal scraps and the general had fired the detective because he felt he was led on a wild goose chase. The giant had been found to be real by the general when he saved two children falling from the building. The army then begin to unleash everything in their arsenal at the giant but everything was a waste and the giant was too powerful. Soon they called in a missile to strike the town to take out the giant but also everything and everybody else in the town. The giant then flew into space to stop the missile by sacrificing himself doing what he thought Superman would do.
I think the “Iron Giant” was a wonderful movie. I love animated movies and for this to send a message behind it was very nice to me. This movie was very good and it probably one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. I wish I had an Iron Giant because I would give the army a reason for wanting to destroy it because I would not use it for the better of man.

Mr. Die Hard...Mr. 6th sense and Mr. Unbreakable..BRUCE WILLIS..Guess what the black guy is a Villain again..

David is a guy working as a security guard in a stadium. He is currently living with his wife and one son. On his way from New York, David (Bruce Willis) is in a train with a woman heading to Philadelphia who thinks David is hitting on her. The train with David derails, and David wakes up in Philadelphia City Hospital feeling surprisingly normal. It so happens that he is the only survivor of the train. David goes to the memorial held fro all other passengers who dies in the accident and in his windshield finds an envelope that says, "How many days have been sick?" David is unable to remember any day that he has been sick.

The story shifts to West Philadelphia (1974) , a black kid with a broken arm who is teased as Mr. Glass in school. He gets a comic book as gift from his mother every time he goes out to play. Elijah (Played by Samuel El Jackson) later becomes a famous comic pioneer and owns an art gallery named Limited Edition.

The address inside David's envelop leads him to Elijah in the store. Elijah preaches about comics to David and tells him that David is sent to protect man-kind from all the brutality and evil. However, David does not believe Elijah (now referred to as Eli) and leaves the store. Later, Eli comes to meet David in his work and questions his profession as, "Why he chose to become a security personnel?" David suspects a guy being drunk and carrying a weapon. When David decides to check people coming into the stadium the man decides to run, Eli follows the guy and finds out that guy indeed had a gun. Later, when working out with his son, David is able to lift an enormous amount of weight. His son thinks that he is a super-human too and tries to perform a deadly maneuver in his school which almost leads him to death. Joseph (David's son) tries to shoot David just to prove that Elijah was right about him being a super-hero.

David decides to check his powers and see if Elijah was right. He goes to New York train station. There he discovers that his power enables him to see what bad things people have done just by touching them. He accidentally gets shoved into a Janitor with an orange suit. In his vision, he sees the Janitor forcefully getting into a house and killing the house owner. So, he follows the janitor to the house and sees the dead body of the house owner whom he had seen in his vision. He finds two kids tied up against the wall so he unties them. Then, he goes to a different room and finds an unconscious woman tied up against the heater. The Janitor sees David and pushes him off the balcony, unfortunately he lands up in the pool. After struggling to get out of water, he gets help from the kids and gets him out of the pool. He goes back and chokes the Janitor to death.

Next morning, the newspaper holds a story of a man rescuing a family from a deadly situation. David shows that to his son and Joseph gets really happy. Later, David goes to see Eli in his exhibition. When David shakes hand with Eli, he finds out that Elijah had caused a fire in the hotel, bombed an airport, and caused the train to derail. Eli explains David that he was looking for a man David causing all these casualties. Eli gets caught by the police when David turns him in for all the casualties he had caused.

Mr. Shyamalan, another weird but interesting movie. Although I had to watch this movie for extra credit, it was worth it. It was better than any Chic-Flick. Whatever Elijah does in this movie makes all sense when David shakes hand with him. Just to find an exact opposite guy to him. Osteogenetic disorder allowed Elijah to have easily breakable bones which would make him prone to accidents and injuries, and on the other hand David who does not get injured at all. So, Mr. Glass is like an ultimate nemesis to Mr. Unbreakable. However, Mr. Glass knows Mr. Unbreakable's weak point i.e. water. So, it would be an interesting comic book to read. Just the action scenes between these two.

Maus...An Underdog Story...All hail Hitler!!!!

During one summer, Artie and his friends, on their way back from school race to the schoolyard in their skates. Artie fells down and cries when his friends don't wait for him.Several years later, Artie gets a call from his mom saying that his dad was on the roof fixing up the drain pipe where he got dizzy and came down.So, his dad asks him to come to their house at 7.30 in the morning.But Artie decides not to go as him and father don't get along. About a week later, Artie goes to visit his dad in his house. There he finds his dad a little upset. When he goes to his mom and talks about dad, he finds out that his father read a comic strip named "Prisoner on the Hell Planet"written by Artie.
In this story,the main character named Arthur has a mental illness.His father on his way home from work, finds his mother dead in the tub with slashed wrists and an empty bottle of pills. The doctor teels Artie that his mother was found dead, Arthur cries with grief calling out his mom.During the funeral, Arthur cannot stand his father's grief and runs away from the funeral. The family blames Arthur for his mother's death.Artie feels sick and alone with guilt.Artie recalls the last time he saw his mother, and from his cell congratulates her for leaving him alone to face the world.
The story shifts back to Artie who is currently at his father's place,Mala tells Artie that this comic strip was very reallistic,accurate,personal and was very detailed.His dad walks in and tells Artie that comic strip took him back to his past. The Arthur character in the comic actually was Artie, his mom had indeed died. So Artie and his dad on their walk to the bank talk about their life as Jews. In 1943, Artie's dad had to leave Sosnowiec and move to Srodula,and talks about their difficult life in Germany.He says that as jews they had to pay to move them to their houses and some people didn't even get a house to live in. They were taken to work in germany, Anja (Arthur's Mother), her sister, and Tosha all worked in the factory.Everyday the guard marched them to work and when on their way back they would be counted and locked back again. Also, they had to move from place to place due to German brutality which included smashing kids into walls. But once again, in the process Artie's father have to move from one city to another. However, Artie's father had arranged a safe hiding place to save his family from the German soldiers and even dogs, in cases where they were looking for Jewish people. All the time, they were hiding from the German soldiers, they would only get out for food. Until, one day a never before seen Jewish guy shows up at their hiding place asking for help but he turns out to be a informer and they all get caught. Artie's father when caught uses his resources to flee from the captivity. However, he is not able to help his in-law to flee. Artie's father after his escape worked few jobs here and there under the German commission. At the meantime, Artie's father gets a seizure attack due to fast walking but it only takes him a couple of breaths to recover from it.
Once again, the German soldier's were moving the Jews from where Artie's family were to a different place where they were to be killed. However, Artie's father's friend (Miloch) had made a tunnel out of shoes as a hiding place inside the shoe factory. Artie's mom was hysterical when her family member refused to hide. They had a hard time surviving in the hiding place as whatever the food they had soon ran out and they could not got out to fetch some more because of the German guards. After struggling to survive for few days, the German guards left the city so the survivors were able to go back to work again. So, all the people go their separate ways to find a safer place to live.
Artie's father takes him to the bank and assigns him a key to his safe box, so that he can use that money to protect himself in case anything happens again. Artie's father explains to him that he regrets getting married again to Mala who is only in it for his money.
This comic is was one of best ones I have read so far in this class. Although it isn't much about Superheroes and Villains. This is outside the box, not anybody can come up with such masterpieces. Although the art is still developing, it is the story that counts, the struggle, the fight, and the story of survival. The Germans really were pigs under Hitler. Just the idea of putting Jews as mice and representing Germans as normal human beings was fantastic.