31 January 2011

A Quick Note on Bad Weather

Have you seen this?!

So it looks like we very well may not have class on Tuesday. But this is not permission to skip should classes not be canceled. This is just a little reminder of that "Snow Day" policy we discussed last week. Should class be canceled on Tuesday (or any day) due to weather, you are still expected to post your responses onto our blog on time; after all, there's no reason for them to be late since they're due the day before class. You are also expected to keep up with the readings and assignments detailed in the syllabus.

So no slacking off!

What this means is that I still expect you to have read and posted your responses to Chapters 3 and 4 of Understanding Comics by Monday night. It also means, that I expect you to read the Intro., Chapter 3, and the "Entering Class Discussions" chapter in They Say / I Say for Thursday, along with bringing a copy of your Rhetorical Analysis.

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

UPDATE: In case you were wondering what this means, the campus will not open until 10am (instead of 8am, hence a 2-hour delay). So any class that begins before that (this means our class) is canceled...At least, that's what I think it means...Either way, see you all Thursday!


  1. Does this mean that class on Thursday is cancelled? Since we have another 2 hour delay.

  2. Haha! Nice try ;-)

    The Highlands website says that even though there's a two-hour delay, classes that would normally begin at 9:30am instead begin at 10am but end at their normal time. So we'll meet for 45 minutes.

    Don't forget your rough draft!

  3. Ahh! Man! Alright! Thanks see you then.