31 January 2011

What happens on and Between the Panels and Frames

The artsy Scott McCloud illustriously explained the importance of gutters in a comic. Firstly the gutter is the space between two panels. this am sure is often overlooked by readers and the importance has never been determined. it is very intriguing how McCloud guides the readers and maneuver there active perception to the finial realization that not very action is illustrated in the strip. However, the human experience allows the reader to imagine what transpired between the two panels. This is referred to as closure. In the later chapter he goes on to explain the comprehension of the time that elapse in each frame. Despite the fact that it takes a few seconds to read, the actions cannot all be completed in a few seconds. he depicts the idea of realism in the readers head and have the associate the same time span that the activity would take in real life situation and apply it to the panel. This the author believes is something that many readers do not pay keen attention to and therefore they do not receive the full effect of the comic.
The authors manipulation of figures and an actual comic to highlight his point and important aspects of the lesson was commendable. He gravitates the attention of non comics lovers and extraordinaire such as myself throughout the duration of the chapters. I believe that this method implemented by McCloud is very creative and is obtaining the goal of educating the general public and wide reader while also showing the true value embedded in a comic strip. This is a value which deviates from the stigma of "bad art", "article for nerds" and "irrelevant in academic or learning community" that is used to brand comics. McCloud has already proven to me that there is more to comics than that which meets the eye. After reading the first four chapters I am eager to read and absorb more of what the author has to say because i believe that my perception of comic is on the verge of a revolution.

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  1. sheneika, your post needs a close reread. For example, the beginning of your summary is peppered with biases like "illustriously." Watch those.

    Also, your summaries are a little light, and you sort of cram them together.

    Still, you capture the basics of what McCloud's pointing out, and that's more important.