15 February 2011

All Hail the Six Steps!

Chapter seven of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics clarifies that comics are an art. But comics must undergo a path that consists of six steps, which are idea/purpose, form, idiom, structure, craft, and surface. The first step involves the emotions, purposes, and content. The second step is basically what type of form the material will be. The third step involves vocabulary, styles, and genre. The fourth step basically is deciding what to include or leave out and how to arrange the material. Step five is basically finishing the work and applying such skills as problem solving or practical knowledge. Finally, step six involves the production and exposure. These six steps are used in any medium, for any work, and by any artists.

The almighty six steps can be found in the rhetorical analysis for Mr. Ben’s class. The first step would be the purpose of the essay, which is to prove whether McCloud proves the values of comics. The second step is the fact that the analysis is written in an essay structure, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The third step is the vocabulary we decide to use and explaining the genres of McCloud’s book. The fourth step would be the rough draft of the essay, which is where we decide what is good enough to make the final draft. The fifth step is finalizing the final draft and making sure is almost perfect. Of course, the sixth step of the rhetorical analysis is turning the final draft into Mr. Ben.

In my opinion chapter seven is beneficially. When it comes to writing, we are all the students and should be open to learn more because there is so much more to learn. The six steps helped me understand how I can improve my rhetorical analysis a little more. I also found how McCloud portrayed pre-historic humans to be extremely humorous. Again, chapter seven was enjoyable.


  1. Not bad, Tiara, but your summary's a little cut and dry. Watch out for those list summaries.

    Glad you enjoyed the chapter :-)

  2. Tiara's summary is still informational to a certain point but she could add some more. Tiara, I enjoyed the pre-historic people comic as well.