10 February 2011

Bring On Chapter 6!

So from chapter six McCloud starts off by telling us what we probably don't pay attention to as children. He explains that as kids, we use less precise words to get our point across and more words as we get older. Gradually he moves into talking about the importance of having words combined with your pictures in comics. He gives us different types of these combinations in the book. These include everything from word specific combinations, which allow the picture to do the majority of the explanation but does not actually add completely to the text, to interdependent combinations which both pictures and words work together to "convey an idea that neither could convey alone." He explains that there are all of these different types of combinations that get twisted around and changed every so often to create a new way producing comics.
The thing that frustrates me about McCloud is that every time I think I'm beginning to understand everything there is to know about comics, he shoots another fact at me. Then, I go rethinking everything that I know about comics and in what ways I've changed my mind about them. However, I do like the fact that he brought up the show-and-tell strip. It never came to my attention that we lose the art of pictures as we get older. Even now, writing this blog I see no pictures or with any real art on it. It kind of makes me feel bad for growing up. So, here's a picture for everyone that's tired of just seeing words all the time as college students.

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  1. This is an excellent post, Jakob! The comic alone made me read yours first :-)

    That's the thing about McCloud; you could real his book several times, and still discover something new!

    Be careful about using quotations in summaries. Remember, summaries are meant to be a way of putting the text in your own words.