15 February 2011

Comics are Art!? Come Step Through the Six Layers of Any Art!

Are comics really art? Well of course comics are art. They may not be the most common type of art, but they are art. In Chapter Seven of Understanding Comics Scott McCloud explains how comics are art, and the six steps that all artists use when creating art. Art is a broad subject, as are comics. McCloud describes how mother nature has a role in the creation of art. McCloud uses the example of cave people and how they would create art without really know it. Art is the discovery of important things and it shows truth, while being explored. Art is the foundation of many things such as language, science, and philosophy. Artists do what they do because they love art. To decide what you might want out of aren't you first must discover the purpose. There must always be a path when creating any kind of art. The six steps that many artists follow are; idea/purpose-this just shows the purpose of the work or the content that is going into the art, form- basically how it is going to be created, it can be a book, painting, dance, or sculpture, idiom- this is the genre that the art form belongs to, structure- what composes the art and brings it all together as one, craft-skills that help to make the art, and last is surface- this is the final product, the surface of the work that is exposed. All of these six steps go into creating any art form. What people see and understand the most is the surface... it is easier for a person to see the surface and understand that then it is for them to see what really goes into making that surface possible. All the steps that come before the surface are what make up art. McCloud describes how it takes much practice to become good at creating comics, and how you may think you have mastered it all. But you can leave out some important part. You may get the drawing part right but you might not have any story line. The six steps are followed by all artists, whether they know it or not. There is an idea or purpose behind everything, there has to be some kind of form and structure to help get the point or purpose across, the craft is something that differs from artist to artist, and the surface is what everyone gets to enjoy!
Chapter Seven really showed me what all it takes to make some good art. McCloud makes comics that much more understandable in this chapter by describing what it really takes to create a comic. Every comic has a purpose, a structure/ form, a certain genre and a surface. The artist making the art might have a different craft. He or She may do things different than other artists. The craft is what makes every art form so much different.
The six steps are applied when doing any paper. But in regard to the rhetorical analysis they are used because the purpose is to decide what definition about comics is the best, when looking at the genre and discourse community. The form of the paper is in MLA and the structure would be an essay. The idiom of the rhetorical analysis essay would be anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the definition of comics. The craft of every paper is different, depending on the writer. The structure is everything that makes up the essay, the other steps along with grammar and sentence structure. This is all stuff that will catch the readers eye, and either attract them and make them want more, or push them away.

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  1. The dreaded wall of text--a sure fire way to make everyone avoid your post, even when it's well written ;-)

    Try breaking apart your paragraphs with some line breaks, and maybe just break apart your longer paragraphs in general. That summary could easily be two paragraphs.