10 February 2011

Hurray for Show and Tell! The Balance of Pictures and Words.

Chapter six in the book Understanding Comics is all about "show and tell". Show and tell you may ask? Isn't that something that kindergartners do? Well no, Scott McCloud explains in chapter six how comics are all about show and tell. But first he explains the history of both words and pictures. When he is talking about the history he shows how they have both evolved. After explaining the history he goes into how they have come together to create comics. The pictures show whats going on and the words explain in depth whats happening. There are different types of show and tell when it comes to comics. The different ones are word specific-which have pictures to show but need text to complete it, picture specific-words do more they are like a "soundtrack", duo specific-words and pictures do the same thing, additive- words or pictures "amplify" or "elaborate", parallel- the words and pictures follow different paths, montage- the words are literally apart of the picture, interdependent- the words and pictures go "hand in hand" they both need each other. Pictures and words work together when it comes to comics. They are a team and have to work together to accomplish a goal. There needs to be balance when it comes to comics. Words and pictures both can't lead. Pictures usually take the lead when it comes to comics, but the words can be used to explore or go more into depth and expand on an idea.

Chapter six was very informative, it showed how words and pictures really come together to create this great piece of work we call comics. I liked how it explained the evolution of both. How they have both changed over the years. And how they have come together. In this chapter i got a better understanding of how the words and the images of comics work together. Words and pictures simply add to one another. They enhance each other and ensure that the meaning will be clear to the reader. The use of words and images really does make comics limitless. Comics can do just about anything the options are endless when it comes to comics.


  1. I like your title it is really catchy and that is why I picked your post to read. I like how you explain everything in the chapter without going overboard about it. I agree, the options are endless when it comes to comics.

  2. I agree with heli143, I also picked your blog because of your title! Your blog was very easy to read and follow along with. I like the way you difined each way of "show and tell" in bold. This blog will be great to look back on while writing our essays.

  3. Great comments, ladies!

    And I agree! Even just using bold to set apart McCloud's categories of the different picture-to-word ratios makes this and excellent reference post!

    But spelling "I" with a lower-case?! Fail ;-)