14 February 2011

Is it art? YES!

In chapter seven of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Scott McCloud asks the question "is it art?". The answer to that question is yes, comics are art! Scott McCloud explains that art can provide three simple things for us. The first thing that art can provide is "exercise for minds and bodies not receiving outside stimulus". An example of this would be sports because in sports we use our mind and body as the art. The second thing art provides is "an outlet for emotional imbalances, aiding in the race's metal survival". An example of this rule would be using art as a self expression. The last thing art provides us with is that there is a potential for useful discoveries and exploration through art. McCloud also states that art is everywhere, from assembly lines, to signing checks and even the way a person rides a bike is considered art.

Creating art requires six steps which are the idea/purpose, form, idiom, structure, craft and the surface. The first step, idea/purpose is the content of the art. The second step, form is the type of art it will be. The third step is idiom which is the genre the art will be. The fourth step is structure, in this step you will be composing the work. The fifth step is craft, which means constructing the work. The final step is the surface which means to finish and prefect the work. Scott McCloud explains that every step are important because "whats a good surface without a great core". Each step should help the final project be great from the core to the surface.

I used all of the these steps for writing our rhetorical analysis essay without even realizing it. I used "idea/purpose" for the content of my paper. I used the step "form" when I wrote the essay in MLA format. I used "idiom" when I did the genre of the work. I used the step of "structure" when I put my paper together. An example of this would be that I had to rearrange my paper multiple times to get my point across correctly. I also used "craft" while writing my paper. I had to apply all of my writing skills such as sentence structure, vocabulary and organization in order to complete the essay. I also used the sixth step which is "surface" to finish my work. To do this I went back to my paper and made sure everything was appealing the eye. I edited the paper again and made sure my paper was in MLA format.


  1. In your final paragraph you said the form was MLA format. I thought that the form was the essay itself and not like a picture or comic book. Reading your last paragraph is going to make me rethink mine haha. Good summary by the way

  2. Remember Jake, the 6 steps can mean different things to different artists. Don't just copy someone else' ;-)

    This isn't a bad post, Bre. But be careful of using quotes when you should be summarizing the ideas in your own words. Also, I'm not entirely sure I understand your summary of the 6 steps.