10 February 2011

Show Me, Tell Me

Chapter six gave great information and appraisal to a great duo, which are words and pictures. Hundreds of years ago people used words and pictures to tell a story, especially on cave walls. Then over time people separated the duo. Pictures became more specific, concentrating more on an object or a person. Like pictures, words became more specific and direct. It mainly concentrated on providing information. Eventually, pictures and words worked together to create a story. Like children, comics tell stories using words and pictures interchangeably and how they tell a story is unlimited. Sometimes, the duos either lead one another or work together. At times a picture tends to tell a story in more detail than words, but the words assist the images by providing a simple soundtrack for sounds. Other times words elaborate or describe a picture more in depth so it can be understood. Also, both words and pictures portray or send the same message. Many people will always misunderstand words or pictures, but creators will continue to combine words and pictures to produce good quality art.

I considered chapter six to be extremely informative and effective. Sometimes, a person does not realize how strong words and pictures can be when combined. They create an indestructible force to help the reading audience obtain the information a whole lot more than just simply reading or looking at a picture alone. McCloud opens our eyes to see and appreciate words and pictures in comics. I very much enjoyed reading this chapter.


  1. I agree when you say he opens our eyes. I doubt that the way I ever see comics will be the same as it was. Each time that I read a chapter of this book it seems like everything I know about comics vanish. Good post by the way.

  2. Jakob's comment hits the nail on the head for most readers, I think.

    This is a good post, Tiara. But your summary doesn't "feel" like a summary. It reads more like your own ideas. Be careful about that.