14 February 2011

Six steps are NEEDED

In chpt 7, Scott McCloud talks about the six steps that are used in art today. He argues whether comics can be considered art, and yes they are forms of art. By his defention, art "is any human activity which doesnt grow out of either of our species' two basic instincts: survival and reproduction!"to me comics fit that defenition very well. He tells the importance of these six steps (Idea/Purpose, Form, Idiom, Structure, Craft, and Surface) and why every comic artist or any artist depends on these steps. McClouds says that an artist needs all six steps to create a great piece of art and gives examples of 5 different comic book artists and the outcome each experienced while using each of the six steps. The fifth artist used all the steps and was the most succesful artist. All 6 steps are needed!

If artists didnt use these six steps, alot of art wouldnt have meaning that it does. If they only use Surface the piece of art would only be appealing to the eye. It wouldnt have "The impulses, the ideas, the emotions, the philosophies, the purposes of the work... the works content" no one would ever know the artists feelings or why they did this piece of art. When you draw a picture you might use these steps, maybe some or even all of them.

Scott McCloud's book, Understanding Comics The Invisible Art, is a comic book written on understanding comics an to show their deeper meaning. McCloud uses all six steps in creating this comic book. Number One, Idea/Purpose: His purpose is to shed a different light on comic books, a posistive one. Number Two, Form: it takes the form of a book. Number Three, Idiom: this book is a comic that talks about comics. Number Four, Structure: He talks about important things about comics which helps the reader understand his goal. Number Five, Craft: He made this whole book himself, wrote it and drew it. Number Six, This book is great!

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  1. Derrick, I think you need to pay more attention to the Surface of your posts ;-)

    Where's your 6 steps of the Rhetorical Analysis?