09 February 2011

Speaking Comic

In Chapter six of the book Understanding Comisc, Scott McCloud takes his reader through a brief historical passage educating them on the advent of words and and pictures. He begins his lesson by stating that pictures predated the written word back in the Golden Age. He later sataed that words in that period was represented by and words, thus highlighting the the precedence and value that pictures and symbols had in that period. He continued his lesson by showing the birth of written words which by that time had become more abstarct and looked less like pictures. In the interim pictures on the other hand looked less like symbols and were more representational and more specific. The comparison was made and the conclusion was drafted that these two mediums were completely opposite and would not yeild positive results if mixed in the same genre. McCloud made reference to a great twist in the story line which occured in moden history. This is where pictutres once again became abstract and language began to convey meaning like picture. this gave account for the amalgamation of both features and which is explored in the world of comics. This has been proven to be very adnavtageous in the rhetoric of comic as both features have become partners and compliment each other well, resulting in enjoyable but comprehensible comics.
Once again McCloud succeeded in efficiently delivering the message that is embedded in the topic. He cleverly creates an interesting yet captivating story line that had the reader's athention from the very beginning. I particularly like the way how McCloud supports his aruments with historical fact along the time line. He demonstates his intelligence, knowledege about the subject matter throughout this chapter and also the preceding chapters. I particularly enjoyed reading this chapter because I received valuable information that are taught in other subject areas such as History, Visual Art and English Literature. Reading the book has helped me developed an indebt understanding of comics and has also heightened my appreciation for the genre as i now realize that there is more to it that the typical stereotypes. I look froward to reading the subsequent chapters to see what other values are embedded in this genre that is commomly and fequently taken for granted.


  1. Your writing is great, sheneika, but beware of "the wall of text," haha! Whenever you begin a new topic (such as your opinion on the chapter), start a new paragraph!

    And spell check!