15 February 2011

Step To It!

Chapter seven of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is about McCloud's definition of art and his six steps in creating art. McCloud describes art as any human activity besides sex and the will to survive. This is a very broad definition, but McCloud seems to give well thought out evidence in supporting this claim. Under this claim, dancing, singing, drawing, and many other hobbies fall under. We also learn later in this chapter that there are also factors that affect art. One factor is money. Some art can be influenced by greed. This is why McCloud places six steps on art to avoid making art just for money.

Instead of making art for money, McCloud explains how people use art to represent their individual identity. McCloud writes of three ways art is used to help people express themselves. The first is through exercise. Many play sports or games to relieve stress. Art also helps people with emotions. Art is good if someone has emotional imbalance. The last example of how art effects humanity is through invention. Art inspires creativity and new discoveries.

After explaining these three ways art helps humans express themselves, McCloud reveals his six steps to making art. Here is a bullet of the six steps to make it as clear as possible:
  1. Idea/Purpose-before you can start your work, you need to reflect on why you are doing what your doing. The purpose of your work.
  2. Form-This is where you decide what genre your art will take. Example include a book, chalk drawing, sculpture, or comic book.
  3. Idiom-Idiom can be described as your vocabulary and subject matter. Style of the genre is included.
  4. Structure-This is where you decided how to arrange your project. Composing your work.
  5. Craft-I could describe this as constructing your work and applying your art skills on you project.
  6. Surface-This is how your work looks when finished. Representation of the work.

It is very hard for everyone to walk step to step with these six rules. Many viewers of art do not see all six steps when looking at art. Many just see the finishing product or surface. Idea, form, idiom, structure, and craft are sometimes not fully recognized.

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  1. Not a bad summary, Justin--I like your bullet explanation for the steps.

    But where's your application of the steps to our essay?!