03 February 2011

What is this, an early Spring Break?!

So we have now missed 2 days of class due to "weather related issues." Since I hardly consider no heat a good reason to cancel classes, I'm understandably perturbed by this--but that's a separate issue.

As I wrote a couple of days ago, despite a week of no class, I expect you to continue the work scheduled on our syllabus. Since today was going to be a work day in which I had asked you to bring your rough drafts, we're really not all that badly off. I still expect you to turn in rough drafts on Tuesday, and as it's a workshop day, I'd like you to bring in at least 3 copies.

I apologize if it seems unfair to hold to our essay schedule when we have not been able to meet to discuss it. But remember that it's only the rough draft that's due, and I don't plan on failing you if it isn't perfect, because it won't be. That's why we draft and revise. Also, if you really have dire concerns regarding your essay, you can always e-mail them to me. Lastly, as I explained in the first week of classes, falling behind before Spring Break means less time to work on the Research Project after Spring Break. And trust me, you will want all the time you can get for that!

So we will soldier on!

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

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