29 March 2011

The Bigger the Better

There are three big topics here in this reading. These three range from Diversity of Genre to Minority Representation and Gender Balance. For starters, Minority Representation talks about all the different races that help to influence comics. When comics first came out a lot of the white writers would try to come up with interesting storylines for their characters but found it rather difficult. So, they looked into the current "problems" that diverse groups like minorities were having because it seemed to be something that more people could connect with. Gender Balance is what the different genders have brought to the world of comics. It first started as something that only the men or boys would do and very often, people didn't talk or even mention women comic artists. And now, they're bringing a whole different perspective on their work which allows for complete different audience. More women can now read comics than before due to the fact that they can have similar ways of thinking, situations, interests etc. Women help to bring the female readers out of the shadows and into the light. Diversity of Genre is pretty self explanatory. Different types of Genres sell better than other types. Some people may like one more type than another and therefore that genre will sell more than the others.
It seems like McCloud keeps bringing in new subjects to talk about when discussing comics. Nothing really seems to get past him like everyone else. I would never really even thought of women being comic book writers. This isn't because I'm sexist or I discriminate against a different type of people but because its something that really isn't what I've come to think about. And this is what McCloud wants to do. He wants to show the world that everyone can become part of the comic industry and part of a comic themselves. One thing about this, it has lead me to want to research the women behind the scenes of comics.


  1. Your summary's a little too short given the important details you could have included. For example, when McCloud is discussing Gender Balance, he doesn't just mean female comic artists but readers and characters, too!

  2. Your blog is good. I think that you need to go into depth a little more on the revolutions that McCloud talks about in the reading. But your summary does a good job at just getting the main points of the reading across. I agree McCloud doesn't let anything get past him when it comes to comics. But anyway...good job!