08 March 2011

Future Readings and Library Research

Hey Class! Here's some important information about the library before you all head off on Spring Break.

Plan on spending lots of time here after break!
Our next readings will be from E-Reserves. E-Reserves is a service that our library provides by which you can download texts and print them or read them on your computer. That link should take you to the page, as well. I'll give out the password in class. Most of our future readings will come from here. Note: If you choose not to print them, I expect you to take notes as you read to help you participate in class discussions. If I find class is unusually quiet on days that E-Reserves readings are due because no one "remembers" the reading, there will be consequences!

In any event, I hope you all are considering registering for April Kent's Library Research class! As I've said since day one, this course will require you to do outside research; what better way to do it than getting credit at the same time! Of course, you don't have to register for her section (there are three others), but Ms. Kent does have the most experience with helping my students.

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

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