03 March 2011

Superman: The Samsonized Moses...!?

The introduction to Up, Up, and It Vey! says Jewish Americans are the creators of the comic book. Accordingly it is not a coincidence that the superheros names in comic books end with the word "man", many Jewish names end with the word "man" as well; Good"man", Kurt""man", and Gold"man" are just a few examples. Superman: From Cleveland to Krypton takes readers back to 1934 when two Jewish American boys created Americas superhero. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster worked together to create a phenomenon. After creating Superman it took four years to get published. And because publishers at the time were not accepting work from Jews they created a new name for themselves, Brandon J. Kenton. After the publishing of Superman came speculation of him being Jewish. He was compared to the biblical figures Moses and Samson.
Superman is said to be like Moses because in both stories their parents had to make the choice between life and death, both children are able to live and are adopted. In both stories Superman and Moses have the power to do good, and that's what they do. Superman is compared to Samson based on his strength, he has been quoted, "A guy named Samson once had this idea!" Another biblical reference is Superman's real name Kal-El as well as his fathers name Jor-El. El is used in the bible as another name for God. El is also in names of great prophets such as, Isra"el", Samu"el", and Dani"el", also the angles Micha"el" and Gavri"el". In the bible Michael is the great combatant who fights Satan, which could easily make him Superman's flying biblical alter ego.
When I think of superheros, especially Superman I never used to think of any type of religion. I just used to think of a brave man in tights who saves the day. But after reading this I realize that there is a great possibility he is Jewish. His creators were Jewish, giving him more reason to be Jewish as well. After reading this with the biblical similarities it makes be believe he is Jewish. Superman came around the time when the Jewish people were being killed off just cause the simple fact they were Jewish. So why wouldn't two young boys create secret Jewish character for all of America to love!? Superman defeating the Nazis is another sign...yes he is Jewish!

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  1. Not a bad post, heli, but I think you missed the point of that "man" quote that Weinstein uses; it's a joke :-)

    Still, this isn't a bad post. I just think you misunderstood one thing--Weinstein is not saying Superman is Jewish. He's arguing that Superman embodies Jewish beliefs. It may not seem like a big difference, but they're very different claims.